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Authors Guide




For Authors: Guidelines for Contribution

1. In order to speed up the review process, authors are strongly encouraged to submit manuscript electronically. The author(s) may send Latex, Word, PDF or Postscript file of the manuscript to the editorial office at In addition, JUS accepts regular postal submission. In this case, the manuscript should be sent in quadruplicate to Editor-in-Chief.

2. JUS considers the manuscripts on the strict condition that they are not actively under consideration for publication with other journals.

3. Contributors to JUS must report original research and will be subjected to review by referees. Contributors may recommend appropriate persons as referees for their papers although this in no way blinds the Editors to follow their suggestions.

4. Upon acceptance of an article, the author(s) will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the Publisher. The manuscript will not be published until the Copyright Transfer Form is received. The form is available at Copyright Transfer Form

5. There is no page charge fee, no reviewing fee. E-copies of the author's issue will be sent to authors (free). If author would like to have extra printed hard copies of the authorís issue or paper offprint, he/she can order from the publisher with special offer (£22 for one issue, etc). The invoice will be provided by World Academic Press, WAU, England, UK. An authorís issues order form will be supplied by the publisher for ordering author's issues. 




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