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Volume 8 Number 1, March 2014 

To be published


Volume 7 Number 2, September  2013

    067  Applying Data Mining to Analyze the Different Styles of Offense between Manchester United and FC Barcelona in the European Champions League Final

Tianbiao Liu, Andreas Hohmann

    069  Applying the Markov Chain Theory to Analyze the Attacking Actions between FC Barcelona and Manchester United in the European Champions League final
Tianbiao Liu, Andreas Hohmann

    087  On Flywheel Leg Press Design and its Benefits
Dodge R., Fisher B., King J., Kuehl P., Matsuki S., Boyajian D., Gegner J., Geisler J., Dailey J.

    101  Upper Body Kinematic Predictors of Ball Velocity During Out of Hand Kicking in International Level Rugby League Kickers  
Jonathan Sinclair, Paul John Taylor, Steve Atkins and Sarah Jane Hobbs

    111  Case Study on Tele-Exercise for Calisthenics Using Consumer Internet Devices and a Software
Akihiro Azuma and Tomohiro Nosaka

    117  Synthesis, Testing of Nylon 6,6/Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube and Modeling, Analysis of Tennis Racket Frame and String  
P. K. Chidambaram and R. Ramakrishanan

    123  A Comparison of Biomechanical Parameters between Two Methods of Countermovement Jump  
Abdel-Rahman Akl


Volume 7 Number 1, March 2013 

    003  The Swing of a Cricket Ball – A Computational Study

Chowdhury Mahbub Ashraf, SM Tareque Saifullah, Maglub Al Nur

    011  Validity and Reliability of 5 Hz GPS for Measurement of Non-Linear Cycling Distance and Velocity
Howard T Hurst, Jonathan Sinclair

    017  Alpha Level Adjustments for Multiple Dependent Variable Analyses and Their Applicability – A Review
Sinclair, J.K, Taylor, P.J, and Hobbs, S.J

    021  Evaluation of Volleyball Statistics with Multidimensional Scaling Analysis  
Gürol Zırhlıoğlu

    026  Optimism, Health Habits and Locus of Control between Sportspersons and Non-Sportspersons
Jitendra Mohan, Kuldeep Singh. and Gaurav Dureja

    031  A Comparison of Two Commercial Activity Monitors for Measuring Step Counts  
Panagiota Anastasopoulou, Sascha Härtel and Stefan Hey

    036  Investigation of Round Robin Sports Tournaments by the Analytic Hierarchy Process  
Dr. M.A.A. Cox

    051  Effect of Training on Morphological, Physiological and Biochemical Variables of Under 23 Years Soccer Players
Indranil Manna, Gulshan Lal Khanna, Prakash Chandra Dhara

    060  A Scientific Approach for Diagnosing a Junior Tennis Player’s Swing and Determining Optimum Racquet Parameters  
Pascal Acree


Volume 6 Number 4, December 2012

    195  Analysis of Batting Performance in Cricket using Individual and Moving Range (MR) Control Charts

Muhammad Daniya, Tahir Nawaz, Iqra mubeen, Muhammad Aleem

    203  Modelling Touch Football (Touch Rugby) as a Markov Process
Joe Walsh, Ian Timothy Heazlewood, Mike Climstein

    213  Development of a Structured Protocol to Determine Multimedia Screen Position on CV Equipment
Bryan Roberts, Ashley Gray, Francesco Bertiato, Paolo Benvenuti, Silvano Zanuso, Ross Weir and Mike Caine

    225  Predicting Impact Shock Magnitude: Which Ground Reaction Force Variable Should We Use? 
Andrew Greenhalgh, Jonathan Sinclair, Laurence Protheroe & Nachiappan Chockalingam

    232  Development of Human Pose Models for Sports Dynamics Analysis using Video Image Processing Techniques
P.Kannan, R.Ramakrishnan

    239  The Design of a Wireless Scoring System for Epee Fencing
Callum Laurenson, Jean-Michel Redouté

    248  Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process for Analyzing the Role of Managerial Skills in Developing of Organization Learning in Physical Education Organization: A Conceptual Model
Mostafa Afshari, Habib Honari, Gholamali Kargar, Salah Naghshbandi, Nahid Jabari


Volume 6 Number 3, September 2012

    131  Investigation of the Effects of Cervical Strength Training on Neck Strength, EMG, and Head Kinematics during a Football Tackle

Pete Lisman, Joseph F. Signorile, Gianluca Del Rossi, Shihab Asfour, Moataz Eltoukhy, Damon Stambolian, Kevin Allen Jacobs

    141  Drag Coefficient Sonification in Luge Using a Wind Tunnel
Daniel Link, Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser

    147  Examining the Outcome Effects of the Turnover Margin in Professional Football
Rhonda C. Magel and Geoffrey Childress

    153  Anthropometric Characteristics, Body Composition and Somatotyping of High and Low Performer Shot Putters
Karanjit Singh, Pritam Singh, Charanjit Singh

    159  The Team-Mate Identification (TM-ID) Test: A Portable Apparatus for Collecting Decision Latencies for Players in Team Invasion Sports
Kylie A Steel, John Eisenhuth

    165  Analyzing Gaze Behavior in Complex (Aerial) Skills  
Thomas Heinen, Konstantinos Velentzas and Pia M. Vinken

    175  Can Anthropometric and Physiological Performance Measures Differentiate between Olympic Selected and Non-Selected Taekwondo Athletes?
Keane Wheeler, Emily Nolan and Nick Ball

    184  Analysis of Performance of Bowlers using Combined Bowling Rate
Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee, Darshan G Pahinkar


Volume 6  Number 2, June 2012

    067  Effect of Training Method on Serve Skill Improvement for Amateur Tennis Beginners

Dae-Sik Hong, Gab-Taek Noh

    077  A Proposed FIFA Tournament Format
Godspower Osaretin Ekuobase, Esingbemi Princewill Ebietomere

    089  Movement Sequences during Instep Rugby Kick: a 3D Biomechanical Analysis
Yanxin Zhang, Guangyu Liu and Shengquan Xie

    096  Is IPL Responsible for Cricketers’ Performance in Twenty20 World Cup?
Hemanta Saikia, Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee and Atanu Bhattacharjee

    111  Effect of Intensive Interval Training on Red Blood Corpuscles and Cardiovascular Endurance
Satish Sharma and Dalwinder Singh

    118  Gender Differences in the Kinetics and Kinematics of Distance Running: Implications for Footwear Design
Sinclair J, Greenhalgh A, Edmundson C.J, Brooks D, Hobbs S.J


Volume 6  Number 1, March 2012 

    003  Volleyball Smash Feet Visualization System

Rongkai Guo & Lin Wang

    009  Effect of High Volume versus Low Volume Balance Training on Static and Dynamic Balance
Dr. Baljinder Singh Bal

    017  Usage of Virtual Reality Technology to Study Reactions in Karate-Kumite
Kerstin Witte, Peter Emmermacher, Nicole Bandow and Steffen Masik

    025  Effects of Chainring Type on 1km Time Trial Performance Over Six Weeks
March Christiane R. O’Hara, Robert D. Clark, Todd Hagobian, Karen McGaughe

    041  Optimizing the Pole Properties in Pole Vaulting by Using Genetic Algorithm Based on Frequency Analysis
Ali Fellah Jahromi, Ahmed Atia, Rama B. Bhat, Wen-Fang Xie

    054  A Comparitive Study on Performance Analysis of Sun-Salutation Using Fast Fourier Transform, Wavelet Transform and Hilbert-Huang Transform
Omkar S.N., Badri Narayanan B, Ashwini Rao, Rohit Bhaskar, Sachin Kumar


Volume 5  Number 4, December 2011

    195  Overtraining in Sport: Physiological, Psychological and Performance Effects of Participation in Division I Competitive Basketball

Mahpari Ghasemnezhad

    207  Selection of Cricket Players Using Analytical Hierarchy Process
Kamble A.G, R.Venkata Rao, Kale A.V, Samant S.P

    213  Analysis of Selected Kinemetical Parameters of Two Different Level Male Long Jumpers
Ikram Hussain, Asim Khan, Arif Mohammad

    219  Predicting Self-determined Motivation of Elite Female Volleyball Players from Leadership Styles of Coaches in Iran 
Shirin Zardoshtian, Salah Naghshbandi, Nahid Jabari

    225  The Relationship of the Selected Biomechanical Variables on the Performance of Kicking for Distance in Soccer
Baljinder Singh Bal , Parminder Jeet Kaur, Davinder Singh

    231  Clegg Hammer Measures and Human External Landing Forces: Is There A Relationship?  
Natalie Saunders,  Dara Twomey  and Leonie Otago

    237  A Study of Pre-Competitive and Post-Competitive Anxiety Level of Inter- collegiate Volleyball Players
Amritpreet Singh, Vishaw Gaurav

    242  Investigating Self-as-a-Model Techniques and Underlying Cognitive Processes in Adults Learning the Butterfly Swim Stroke
Rose Martini, Amanda M. Rymal, Diane M. Ste-Marie

Volume 5  Number 3, September 2011

    131  Effect of Training Method on Serve Skill Improvement for Amateur Tennis Beginners

Dae-Sik Hong, Gab-Taek Roh

    139  Assessment of Physiological Parameters among Different Level of Baseball Players
Gaurav Dureja

    145  Simpson's Paradox and Other Reversals in Basketball: Examples from 2011 NBA Playoffs
Y. Zee Ma, Andrew M. Ma

    155  A Comparative Study of Eccentric Training Using Thera-Band and Static Stretching
Siddiqui M.Aijaz, Unaise A.Hameed  and Nishat Quddus

    163  Mechanical Analysis of Overhead Throwing in Cricket
Ikram Hussain and  Mohd. Arshad Bari

    169  Effects of Hatha Yoga Training on the Health-Related Physical Fitness
Vishaw Gaurav

    174  Efficacy of Trunk Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Training on Chronic Low Back Pain
A. Kumar, K. Zutshi, N. Narang

    181  Determination of the Rankings of the Teams Competed in the BEKO Basketball League  
Gürol ZIRHLIOĞLU, Murat KAYRİ and Mustafa ATLI

    188  Evaluation of Kinematic Methods of Identifying Gait Events during Running  
Sinclair, J. Edmundson, C.J . Brooks, D., and Hobbs, S.J.

Volume 5  Number 2, June 2011

    067 Optimizing Position-wise Anthropometric Models for Prediction of Playing Ability among Elite Indian Basketball Players

J. Viswanathan & Dr. K. Chandrasekaran

    077 Effect of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on the Nutritional Assessment of University Students
Rajeev Choudhary

    085 Effects of 4-Week Yogasanas Training on Balance and Agility in Adolescent Girls
Baljinder Singh Bal, Kanwaljeet Singh, Wilfred Vaz

    093 The Influence of Metacognitive Prompting on Students’ Performance in a Motor Skills Test in Physical Education
Athanasia Chatzipanteli and Nikolaos Digelidis

    099 The Trend of Competitive Balance in Iran Football Premier League: A Survey of 1995-2009 Seasons
Salah Naghshbandi, Bahram Yousefi, Saeed Sadeghi Boroujerdi, Nahid Jabari

    105 The Relationship among Flexibility, Aerobic Fitness, Leg Extension Power and Agility with Lower Extremity Injuries in Footballers
Taher Afsharnezhad, Ali Sefatian and Aniseh Burbur

    112 Effects of 8 Weeks Equal-Volume Resistance Training with Different Workout Frequency on Maximal Strength, Endurance and Body Composition
Hamid Arazi, Abbas Asadi

    119 A Fundamental Study on the Aerodynamics of Four Middle and Long Distance Running Shoes
Robert L. Ashford, Peter White, Clive E. Neal-Sturgess1, Nachiappan Chockalingam

Volume 5  Number 1, March 2011 

    003  Dynamic Bidding Strategy for Players Auction in IPL

Sanjeet Singh, Shaurya Gupta and Vibhor Gupta

    017  On the Measurement of the Characteristic Rotation Decay Time for a Baseball
M.B. Koss, T.M. Booth and K.M. Sullo

    027  Approximate Analytical Investigation of Projectile Motion in a Medium with Quadratic Drag Force
Peter S. Chudinov

    043  Accuracy-Velocity Relationship and Physical Characteristics in Cricket Ball Throwing
Ikram Hussain, Mohd. Arshad, Bari, Asim Khan, Arif Mohammad, Ahsan Ahmad

    049  Effect of Moderate Walking Exercise on Body Water in Sedentary Obese and Thin Women
Habibzadeh N

    053  Penalty Stroke in Field Hockey: A Biomechanical Study
Ikram Hussain, Arif Mohammad, Asim Khan, Mohd. Arshad Bari, Ahsan Ahmad, Saleem Ahmad

    058  Health Risks Determinants among Freshmen Students of the University of Santo Tomas
Josephine Joy B. Reyes, Martin Lorenz Alido, Alfa Cabacang, Czary Go, Jon Marvin Gochioco, Albert  Nuñez and Lou Ayreen Sulit


Volume 4  Number 4, December 2010

    195  Measures of Departure from Bradley-Terry Model for Square Tables: Application to Baseball

Kouji Tahata, Akihito Tomita and Sadao Tomizawa

    209  Applicablity of an Indirect Method to Predict Maximum Oxygen Uptake
Pinaki Chatterjee, Alok K. Banerjee, Paulomi Das

    215  Goalkeeper Financial Valuation
Ravel Jabbour and Jean-Paul Louis Minquet

    229  Effect of training on field hockey
Indranil Manna, Gulshan Lal Khanna, Prakash Chandra Dhara

    239  A Simple and Effective Method to Predict Seeded Tournament Outcomes
S. J. Robinson

    246  Color of Rhythm – A 3-D Visual Representation
Lin Wang, Rongkai Guo, Peng Lu and Ping-Sing Tsai

    251  Which Factors Affect Midline Crossing in Adult
Meysam Rezaee, Masomeh Shojaei, Abdulah Ghasemi, Amir Moghadam


Volume 4  Number 3, September 2010

    131  Data Mining in Sport: A Neural Network Approach

John McCullagh

    139  Where Bolt and Bekele Meet: The Analytical Basis of Running Performance Estimates
Wim Westera

    153  Ineffective Cognitive Habits and Consequent Psychological Impediments
Jolly Roy, Nurul Azuar Hamzah, Garry Kuan

    161  Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training on Competitive Anxiety
B. Navaneethan, Ph.D and Mr. R. Soundara rajan

    165  Computer Simulation of “Splash Control” and Research
JingGuang Qian, Songning Zhang, Haiquan Jin

    174  Comparing Depression Degrees among Athletic and None Athletic Students
Tahereh Bagherpour, Masumeh Shojaei

    181  The Economic Factors Analysis in Olympic Game
Yong Jiang, Tingting Ma, Zhe Huang

    188  Biomechanical Analysis of Jumping Back Kick of Elite Taekwondo Athletes  
Chenxiang Qian , Chao Fu, Youguang Fang, Quanhua Li


Volume 4  Number 2, June 2010

    067 Shot Moment in Optoelectronic Training in the Air-Pistol Shooting

Ihor Zanevskyy, Yuliya Korostylova, Volodymyr Mykhaylov

    079 Collision on Baseball Bat
Liangwei Zhu, Hui Jiang and Jun Zhu

    083 A Study of Application of Microteaching to Badminton as an Elective Course in Universities
Liang Chen, Xiaodong Long, Runfa Chen, Qiwei Li, Xiaonong Peng

    089 Data Mining in Movement Visual Information
Yin Wu, Danxia Xie

    095 Research on Technical Level of Chinese Men’s Volleyball Team Player by Using Grey System Theory
Jiang Liu, Jianan Zhou

    099 Normalizing Scores of the Modified Back-Saver Sit-And-Reach Test in Middle School Boys
Taher Afsharnezhad, Navid Nateghi and Morteza Rezaee Soufi

    106 Talking about the Influences of Height and Technique for Obtain the Rebound on the Basketball Game
Jing Li

    115 Research on Technical and Tactical Features of Major Overseas Opponents of Shiming Zou
Dexin Wang, Yun Zhu, Caicai Liu

    122 Fencing Statistical Analysis System of On-The-Spot Technical Research
Chuanjie Zhao, Deyun Ma, Hui Zhang, Jie Wang


Volume 4  Number 1, March 2010 

    003 Validity and Reliability of the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-2 for Soccer Players in Turkey

Erkut Konter, Irfan Yurdabakan

    015 Investigation of Hand Contact Forces of Female Gymnasts Performing a Handspring Vault
Gabriella Penitente, William Arthur Sands, Jeal McNeal, Sarah L. Smith, WendyKimmel

    025 Improvement of Hamstring Flexibility: A Comparison between Two PNF Stretching Techniques
Nagarwal A.K., Zutshi K, Ram C. S., Zafar R

    034 Male College Students Calculate the Density of the Body's Preferred Model Study
Xing Qi, Xiang Man, ZhongHui Zhao

    043 The Research on Teaching Plan of the Sports Equipment Engineering Specialty
Hui Guo, JieLiu, Xueyan Sun, Jiaqi Jin, Hui Cao

    048 Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Lumbar Spine for Snatch Action in Weight Lifting
Chunyu Bao, Qinghua Meng

    053 Simulation of Reverse Swing of the Cricket Ball
D G Pahinkar, J Srinivasan


Volume 3  Number 3, September 2009  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    131 The Influence of Paddle Orientation on Boat Velocity in Canoeing

Nicholas Caplan

    140 Imaging Method of New Magneto-acoustic Impedance Tomography with Magnetic Induction
Hui Xia, Guoqiang Liu, Lingtong Jiang, Yanhong Li, Yang Zhang and Shiqiang Li

    145 Was Vardon Right ?
Moran Coxon

    152 Effects of Vitamin-E Supplementation on Platelet Aggregation and Endurance Capacity  
Pratima Chatterjee, Subhalakshmi Maitra and Amit Bandyopadhyay

    157 Prior Research on the Regression Model of Body Moisture of University Boy Students
Zhong-hui Zhao, Jun Zhao

    165 UG-Based Rehabilitation of Wheelchair Design and Simulation Analysis
Hui Cao, Xueyan Sun, Heying Wang, Hui Guo

    169 Study on Lumbar Vertebrae Biomechanical Characteristics
Qinghua Meng, Chunyu Bao

    175 Outcome Effects and Effects Sizes in Sport Sciences
Michael Fröhlich, Eike Emrich, Andrea Pieter and Robin Stark n

    180 A Comparative Study:  Static Stretching Versus Eccentric Training on Popliteal Angle
Mohd. Waseem , Shibili Nuhmani, C. S. Ramc, Faheem Ahmad

    187 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Used by Chinese Men’s Basketball Team
Yuanhong Xu, Zhiqiang Chen


Volume 3  Number 2, June 2009  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    067 Effects of Modeling and Imagery Type on Performance and Learning of the Volleyball Simple Serve

Tahereh Bagherpour and Masumeh Shojaei

    073 Plasma Biochemical Changes During Moderate and Vigorous Exercises
K. S. Adedapo, O. M. Akinosun, G. O. Arinola, Bola Odekunle Odegbemi, O. I. Adedeji

    077 Effects of Kapalbhati on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate and Pulse Rate
Bal. Baljinder, S. Kanwaljeet, K. Parminder

    085 The Effects of Different Instep Foot Positions on Ball Velocity in Place Kicking
Samineh Baktash, Allen Hy, Samuel Muir, Toni Walton and Yanxin Zhang

    093 Analysis of the Keeper-Dependent Strategy in the Soccer Penalty Kick
Mark Bowtell, Mark King and Matthew Pain

    103 The Comparison of the Effect of Modeling and Imagery Type on Self- Efficacy of the Volleyball Simple Serve
Tahere Bagherpour, Shojaei

    109 Effects of Altitude and Atmospheric Conditions on the Flight of a Baseball
A. Terry Bahill, David G. Baldwin and John S. Ramberg


Volume 3  Number 1, March 2009  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    003 Assessment of the Influence of Pole Carriage on Sprint Kinematics: A Case Study of Novice Athletes

Julien Frere, Didier Chollet and Claire Tourny-Chollet

    011 DNA Genome-based Diagnostics for Athletes’ Physiological Conditions Using Cluster Analysis
Ling-Hong Tseng , Ilene Chen , Hiroto Homma, Hong Yan, Chyi-Long Lee

    017 Effect of Diameter on the Aerodynamics of Sepaktakraw Balls, A Computational Study
Zahari Taha, Sugiyono

    022 Effect of Psycho-physical Stress on the Preference of Non-Athletic Youths for Intermittent or Continuous Bench-Stepping
Michael Ogbonnia Egwu

    027 Future Perspectives on Next Generation e-Sports Infrastructure and Exploring Their Benefits
Laxmisha Rai and Gao Yan

    034 Physics of Baseball Bats – An Analysis
N.M. Ravindra, Sushil K. Sikha and Ivan Padron

    043 Relationship between Obesity and Flatfoot in High-school Boys and Girls
Hassan Daneshmandi, Nader Rahnema and Rahimeh Mehdizadeh

    050 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Soccer Players : An Overview
Amit Bandyopadhyay and Shazlin Shaharudin


Volume 2  Number 4, December 2008  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    195  An Exploratory Study of Long-Term Performance Evaluation for Elite Basketball Players

Kun-Tzu Yu, Zhong-Xin Su, Rui-Chen Zhuang

    204  Consequences of the Three Disciplines on the Overall Result in Olympic-distance Triathlon
Michael Fröhlich, Markus Klein, Andrea Pieter, Eike Emrich, Jürgen Gießing

    211  A Preliminary Forward Solution Model of Cricket Bowling
René E.D. Ferdinands, Uwe Kersting and R. N. Marshall

    216  Time Motion and Notational Analysis of 21 Point and 15 Point Badminton Match Play
 Chee Lee Ming, Chen Chee Keong and Asok Kumar Ghosh

    223  The Comparative Effects of Oral Creatine Supplementation and High Protein on Muscular Strength and Body Composition
 Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Nader Rahnama and Yaser Garazhian 

    231  The Dynamic Balance Training Instruments

Chyn-herng Hwu

    247  Chinese College Sports Programs and Cultural Construction with the United States Sport Education Mode

Weimin Zhu


Volume 2  Number 3, September 2008  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    131  Evaluating the effects of aging for professional football players in combine events using performance-aging curves

William A. Young II and Gary R. Weckman

    144  Computer diagnostics for the analysis of table tennis matches
Li Juan Yu, Hui Zhang and Jin Ju Hu

    154  A comparison between vinyl nitrile foam and new air chamber technology on attenuating impact energy for ice hockey helmets
Genille Gimbel and Thomas Blaine Hoshizaki

    162  Standard tests ability to measure impact forces reduction on mats
 Pedro Pérez, Salvador Llana, Enrique Alcántara

    169  An 8-factor model for evaluating crew race performance
 Jeffrey Cornett, Pamela Bush, and Nancy Cummings 

    185  The springboard diving techniques analysis

Qining Wang


Volume 2  Number 2, June 2008  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    067 Punching Bag With Speed and Accuracy Gauge

Ralph Robin Cacacho, Frederick Oyas, John Paul Priolo, Geuel Yasis, Winston Dereje

    072 Entropy Coefficient Method to Evaluate the Level of Sustainable Development of China's Sports
Wei Liu, Jin Cui

    079 Design of a Wireless Scoring System for Fencing Using RFID Technology
Joseph Anthony Alvarez, Michael Victor Cristobal, Marvin Trevor Gamalinda, Anthony Malino and Joseph Miguel

    087 A New Methodology for Three-dimensional Dynamic Analysis of Whole Body Movements
 Yanxin Zhang and Simon M. Hsiang

    094 Effect of Hot Environment on Repetitive Sprint Performance and Maximal Accumulated O2 Deficit of Cyclists
 Asok Kumar Ghosh +, Tengku Adnan Tengku Abdullah, Bal Kishan

    101 Prevalence of Overweight and Underweight among Iranian High-school Students
 Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Nader Rahnama and Effat Bambaeichi 

    107 A Study of the Impact of Sepaktakraw Balls on the Head
Zahari Taha , Iskandar  and Hilma 

    111 Effects of a Resistance Training Programme on Isokinetic Peak Torque and Anaerobic Power of 13-16 Years Old Taekwondo Athletes
 Woo Mei Teng, Chen Chee Keong, Asok Kumar Ghosh and Visvanathan Thimurayan

    123 Large-scale Cluster Analysis of Elite Male and Female Swimmers’Race Patterns
 Ilene Chen, Ming-Yang Chen, Craig Jin, Hong Yan


Volume 2  Number 1, March 2008  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    003 Modeling and Computer Simulation of Bow Stabilization in the Vertical Plane

Ihor Zanevskyy

    015 The Influence of a Three Week Familiarisation Period on Rowing Mechanics at a New Stretcher Position
Nicholas Caplan and Trevor Gardner

    023 The Mechanisms in Place for Separating Teams with Identical Records in English football Leagues and International football Competitions
Andrew S. Brown and Richard J. C. Brown

    029 Modeling and Simulation on Energy Expenditure of Human Body in Walking
Xiangchen Li, Qing Li, Hongguang Bao,Yong Jiang, Shuming Xiao

    036 Comparison of Biomechanical Criteria in Cycling Maximal Effort Test
William Bertucci, Redha Taiar, Yuli Toshev and Thierry Letellier

    047 Logarithm Model Prediction for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Jiefu Wang, Yong Jiang

    052 Electromyographic Comparison of Abdominal Muscle Activation during Sit-Up Exercise and Ab Crunch
Ikram Hussain, Kalpana Sharma

    057 Research on Current Situation of E-sports in Urumqi, Xinjiang
Liuhong Zang, Jie Wu, Yanbing Li

    062 Sports as a Veritable Tool for Economic Empowerment and Elimination of Youth Restiveness in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Jeroh, Eruteyan Joseph


Volume 1  Number 3, September 2007  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    147 Monitoring Athletes’Physiological Responses to Endurance Training with Genomic-wide Expression Data

Ilene Chen, Ling-Hong Tseng, Hiroto Homma, Hong Yan, L. Lloyd Keith

    157 A Comparison of Wrist Angular Kinematics and Forearm EMG Data for an Elite, Intermediate and Novice Standard Tennis Player Performing a One-handed Backhand Groundstroke
Jonathan A. Glynn, Behzat B. Kentel, Mark A. King and Sean R. Mitchell

    164 Modeling the Influence of Crew Movement on Boat Velocity Fluctuations during the Rowing Stroke
Nicholas Caplan and Trevor Gardner

    177 Gray Models for the Prediction of Results in Track and Field Events
Yong Jiang, Jianliang Li, Hongguang Bao, Jiefu Wang, Fengyou Hua

    183 Development of a Computing Utility to Measure Time-On-Task in Injury Research Studies
William J. Montelpare, Joseph Baker, Brent E. Faught, Paul Corey, Morag MacKay, Norm Lavoie, and Murray Nystrom

    189 The Effects of Physical Exercise on Soluble Transferrin Receptor and other Indicators of Iron Status in Female Taekwondoist
Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Nader Rahnama and Sharzad Masoumi

    195 Web-based Exercise Machine Customization and Simulation
YanQiong Zhou, XiangJun Zou, Lufeng Luo, Jun Lu and Zhi Li

    201 Research on Building Sports Simulation Model Warehouse Based on the Poser Software Platform
Lizheng Feng, Yanmei Peng, Liuhong Zang

    209 The Czech Phenomenon of Men's Decathlon development
Zongping Wang,Gang Lu


Volume 1  Number 2, June 2007  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    075 A Triple Pendulum Robotic Model and a Set Of Simple Parametric Functions for the Analysis of the Golf Swing

Michele Aicardi

    087 Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting the Outcome of Cricket Tournaments
D. Roy Choudhury, Preeti Bhargava, Reena, Samta Kain

    097 Multi-factor Statistical Analysis of Influencing Factors for Elite Sports Development
Yong Jiang, Jianliang Li, Fengyou Hua and Jiefu Wang

    105 Effects of Aerobic Exercises on the Serum Paraoxonase 1/Arylesterase Activity and Lipid Profile in Non-Active Healthy Men
Reza Gharakhanlou, M. Esmaeil Afzalpour, Abbas Ali Gaeini and Nader Rahnama

    113 Trends and Challenges in Sport Science and Engineering Related Technology Education at Surf Science and Technology: Researching Surfboard Making Activity
J. Audy

    125 Multiple Analysis on Speed Distribution of World Elite Women 400m Athletes
Qin’er Xu and Loucheng Yu

    129 Clustering and display of elite swimmers’race patterns across various comparable criteria at the same time
Ilene Chen, Hiroto Homma, Craig Jin, Hong Yan

    137 Abstracts of the proceedings of Uk-china sports engineering workshop 
Jianliang Li, et al


Volume 1  Number 1, March 2007  Contents (pdf)  and papers (pdf)

    003 The Evolution of Computerised Notational Analysis Through the Example of Racket Sports

Mike Hughes, Michael T. Hughes and Hannah Behan

    029 Thermoregulatory Response to Base-layer Garments During Treadmill Exercise
Bryan C. Roberts, Tom M. Waller and Mike P. Caine

    039 Detection and Extraction of Physiological Dielectric Characteristic Using Wavelet Analysis
Jianliang Li, Yong Jiang and Ruonan Fan

    045 Influence of Resistance Load on Electromyography Response to Vibration Training with Sub-maximal Isometric Contractions
Jin Luo, Brian P. McNamara, Kieran Moran

    055 Dynamic Simulation of Tennis Racket and String
Yao-dong Gu, Jian-she Li

    061 Research on Developing Client of Network Sport Fitness Game Based on 3D Game Engine
Lufeng Luo, Xiangjun Zou, Jun Lu, Jingfeng Yang, Songsong Chang

    067 The Establishment of Sports Systems Engineering (SSE) as a Discipline
Sun Jinhai


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