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International Journal of

Nonlinear Science

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 387. An FPGA Implementation of a Pseudo-Chaotic Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DS-SS) Communication System

Mahalinga V. Mandi, Ramesh S, Santhosh Kulal, Santosh Kumar S, Dileep D, Yajnesh Padiyar


 402. A Solution Form of a Class of Rational Difference Equations

E. M. Elsayed


 412. Existence and Uniqueness of Neutral Functional Differential Equations with Random Impulses

A .Anguraj, A. Vinodkumar


 419. Variational Iteration Method for Solving Nonlinear WBK Equations

M. Matinfar, A. Fereidoon, A. Aliasghartoyeh, M.Ghanbari


 424. Existence of Positive Solutions for a Class of p-Laplacian Systems

G.A. Afrouzi, Samira Ala, S.Sadegh Kazemipoor


 428. TravellingWave Solutions for the Generalized (2+1)-Dimensional ZK-MEW Equation

Alaattin Esen, Selcuk Kutluay


 435. The TravelingWave Solutions for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Using the ()-expansion Method

Elsayed.M.E. Zayed, Shorog Al-Joudi


448. Homotopy Perturbation Method for the Fisher’s Equation and Its Generalized

M. Matinfar, M. Ghanbari


 456. Quantitative Dynamics in Earthquake Sequences
L. Telesca, M. Rouai, T. E. Cherkaoui


 462. New Exact TravelingWave Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations

I. Siddique ,S. T. R. Rizvi, Fiza Batool


 469. On Fractional Order Quantum Mechanics

A.M. Shahin, E.Ahmed, Yassmin A.Omar


 473. On the Generalized Nonlinear Laplace and Laplace-Bessel Operator

Kamsing Nonlaopon, Amnuay Kananthai


 480. Optimization of Non-Linear Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem Using K-Means Clustering, Shrink Wrap Algorithm and Meta-Heuristics  

R.Nallusamy, K.Duraiswamy, R.Dhanalaksmi, P. Parthiban


 488. On a New Aftertreatment Technique for Differential Transformation Method and its Application to Non-linear Oscillatory Systems

Abd Elhalim Ebaid, Emad Ali


 498. Controllability of Fractional Stochastic Delay Equations

Hamdy M. Ahmed


 504. Variational Iteration Technique for Solving Initial and Boundary Value Problems

Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din, Ahmet Ytldtrtm









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