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Volume 17  Number 2, December 2022  page 83-160

083.  Health and Economic Loss Assessment of Haze Pollution in "2+26" Cities in the Air Pollution Transmission Channel

Lushuang Xiao and Guizhi Wang

102. LTDNet: A lightweight two-stage decoder network for RGB-D salient object detection  

Jian Wang and Wenbing Chen

118. A skew Normal Mixture Model with Noise Estimation for image segmentation

Kaili Zhang

138. Gaussian Mixture Model Loss Functional for Brain MRI Segmentation With Deep Learning

Lianhong Ma

154. New Kantorovich’s theorems for Newton’s method on Lie groups for mappings and matrix optimization problems

Li Nan

Volume 17  Number 1, June 2022  page 01-80

003. The nonexistence of global solutions for a damped time fractional diffusion equation with nonlinear memory

Qian Qian and Yaning Li

019. Development of south Atlantic subtropical dipole and its relationship with ENSO  

Liu Xueli, Dong Ran, Guo Chenguang and Li Yuxin

028. CENet: Content-aware and Edge-aware Network for Salient Object Detection

Zhikuan Gao

040. Simulation research on molten iron flow in blast furnace hearth based on Fluent

Shi JunHua, Xie Yue, Zhang XueFeng, Tang YaLing and Zhu ZhongYang

047. Analytic solutions of a class of matrix minimization model with unitary constraints

Ping Shi, Nan Li and Xu-Chen Lu

058. Statistical Downscaling and Evaluation of Summer Temperature in Jianghuai Region based on the FPCA

Shuren Cao and Chunzheng Cao

064. Affine Invariant Representation with Generic Polar Radius Integral Transform

Chunyan Liu, Jianwei Yang and Chengxi Zhou

075. Classification of ECG signals based on functional data analysis

Zhangxiao Miao and Chunzheng Cao

Volume 16  Number 2, December 2021  page 83-160

083.  Dynamics Analysis of a Kind of Chaotic System under Periodic Excitation

Lizhou Zhuang, Xuerong Shi and Zuolei Wang

091. A Quasi-Radial Basis Function Method for European Option Pricing  

Jialing Wang and Yan Qin

098. Adaptive parameter selection for preserving edges based on EPLL

Ze Qin and Xiulan Sheng

108. Analysis of feature selection for stock price prediction with LSTM: A case study on China's new energy leading stocks

Wanbao Zhou

118. An explicit finite difference scheme for sine-Gordon equation in two dimensions

Ying Zhang

122. An explicit finite difference scheme for solving the space fractional nonlinear Schro ̈dinger equation

Dongsheng Tang

126. Impact of electrokinetic variable viscosity on peristaltic transfer of Jeffrey fluid

Laxmi Devindrappa and N. B. Naduvinamani

134. Transforming a formal business process model into a service interaction model

Zonghua Li and Zhengwei Ye

148. The determination of ionospheric TEC disturbance based on the cross-validation method

Dan Li, Jian-Wei Yang, Peng Lai, Kai Zhao and Ye-Wen Wu

Volume 16  Number 1, June 2021  page 01-80

003.  Effect of Chemical reaction on Peristaltic blood flow of a Magneto-Jeffrey fluid with thermal radiation in a tapered asymmetric channel

Asha S. K and Deepa C. K

016. A short-time traffic flow prediction model based on TCN-LSTM with causal convolutional layer  

Chenmin Ma

024. Projective synchronization of fractional order hyperchaotic systems based on matrix decomposing

Li Xin, Xuerong Shi , Zuolei Wang and Mingjie Xu

033. The Spread Model of SHIR Rumors under Impulse Intervention

Yuan Zhao

041. A Multi-input Time Series Prediction Model Based on CNN[1]BLSTM

Ting Xiao

052. Total variation regularization low-rank decomposition based tensor model for video rain streaks removal

Xinghan Lu, Yuhui Zheng and Jianwei Zhang

064. A construction of special self-orthogonal Latin squares based on frequency squares

Yong Zhang, Wen Li, Xuerong Shi

071. Galerkin method for the numerical solution of boundary value problems using Boubaker wavelets

L. M. Angadi

077. The Drivers and Forecasting of Summer Precipitation over the Yangtze-Huai River Basin Based on the Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnection

Ailiyaer Aihaiti, Zhu Lianhua , Yao Yiyi, Zhao Weihao and Xu Fanran

Volume 15  Number 2, December 2020  page 81-160

083. Numerical Computations of Eleventh Order Boundary Value Problems with Bezier Polynomials by Galerkin Weighted Residual Method

Nazrul Islam

090. Process Control Modelling and Simulation of a Water Plants Storage Compartments

James Aondoaseer Atachin, Ishaya Peni Gambo, Terunguwa Simon Yange and Agaji Iorshase

104. A study of Covid 19 disease mathematical model via wavelets

Kumbinarasaiah, S and Devaraju K S

113. A Pattern Recognition and Performance Index Evaluation Model of Football Team based on Principal Component Analysis and PageRank Algorithm

Linjie Wu, Yujie Zheng and Yunfei Fan

124. The Propagation Process of Financial Investment Emotion with Double Time Delay under Impulse Interference

Hongxing Yao and Yuan Zhao

134. Classification with application to Functional Data based on Gaussian process

Xin Liu and Chunzheng Cao

149. ADHD Diagnosis and Recognition Based on Functional Classification

Fei Zheng and Chunzheng Cao

146. Research on user behavior recognition based on 2D-CNN

Lei Zhao

154. One input control and synchronization for generalized Lorenz-like systems

Yawen Wu

Volume 15  Number 1, February 2020  page 01-80

003.  Semi analytical solution of MHD asymmetric flow between two porous disks

Vishwanath B. Awati and Manjunath Jyoti

016. Robust nonlinear multimodal classification of Alzheimer's disease based on GMM  

Ziyue Wang

022. CRF Based Intrusion Detection System Using Genetic Search Feature Selection for NSSA

Azhagiri Mahendiran, Rajesh Appusamy, Rajesh Prabhakaran and Gowtham Sethupathi

031. Analyzing Important Factors and Metrics for Small Scale Digital Marketing and Its Relevance in the Path of Conversion

Prakrit Saikia and Bipllab Roy

045. Stability Analysis of Investor Emotional Propagation Model Based on SIR Model on Homogeneous Network

Wente Liu

052. Bezier Polynomials and its Applications with the Tenth and Twelfth Order Boundary Value Problems

Nazrul Islam

067. One input control and synchronization for generalized Lorenzlike systems

Yawen Wu and Shunjie Li

074. Anisotropic Filtering-Based Composite Kernel Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Yaokang Zhang

Volume 14 Number 4, December 2019  page 241-320

243.  Existence of Periodic Solutions of Rayleigh Equations with Singularties  

Shile Zhou and Shiping Lu

250.  Numerical Method for the Solution of Abel's Integral Equations using Laguerre Wavelet

Kumbinarasaiah S  and R. A. Mundewadi

259.  The bifurcation control for a Lorenz system with time delay

Ketian Chi, Miao Peng and Jie Zhang

266.  Optimization of Atmospheric Plasma Surface Modification Process Using Decision Trees

Radhia Abd Jeli

272.  Ordered Metric Methods of Classes Dependency Graph Based on Structure Entropy

Aihua Gu , Jinxia Xu, Lu Li, Shujun Li, Qifeng Xun, Jian Dong and Zonglin Guo

279.  An approach based on combination of Features for automatic news retrieval 

Jingji Zhao

291.  Insect real-time detection in complex environments based on improved YOLOV3  

Juan Wang

301.  Similarity/dissimilarity  analysis  of  flowering  plant  DNA sequences

Xiaoshun Xu and Zhongrui Gao

308.  Stability Analysis of Investor Sentiment Propagation Model Based on S2I2R Model

Hongxing Yao and Yifan Yang


Volume 14  Number 3, August 2019  page 161-240

163. Finite-time chaos synchronization of the delay hyperchaotic Lü system with disturbance

Yan Zhou, Juanjuan Huang, Zuolei Wang and Xuerong Shi

170. A conservative Galerkin finite element method for the Klein- Gordon equation in high dimensions  

Huawei Zhao and Yue Cheng

176. Fractions and Gorenstein flat modules

Ying Zhuang, Ziyang Zhu and Xiaojin Zhang

178. Recognition  of  piano  keyboards  based  on  sound  feature extraction

Lun Li  and Cheng Li

184. Functional clustering with application to air quality analysis

Ming He, Hairong Li, Xiaoxin Zhu and Chunzheng Cao

195. Image  Retrieval  Method  based on  Integration of  Principal Component Analysis and Multiple Features

Jingji Zhao

203. Image  encryption  based  on  fractional-order  memristive neuron system and DNA coding technology

Fanqi Meng, Xiaoqin Zeng and Zuolei Wang

211. Some results on Shannon wavelet packets

S. C. Shiralashetti  and Kumbinarasaiah S

217. Face age and gender recognition based on improved VGGNet algorithm

Yulin Li

227. The Design and Implementation of Simulation System about Interior Ballistics of Gas-ejection

Xuefeng Zhang, Shimin Guan, Yuezhong Chu and Yaling Tang

Volume 14  Number 2, May 2019  page 81-160

083. Energy Dependence of Modified Hindmarsh-Rose Neuron under Periodic Disturbance

Liying Zheng, Yining Zhu and  Xuerong Shi

094. Personnel appointments: a pythagorean fuzzy sets approach using similarity measure

Paul Augustine Ejegwa

103. Numerical Approach for Bagley- Torvik Fractional Differential Equations Using Haar Wavelets

A.Padmanabha Reddy, C. Sateesha and Manjula S. H

115. Diffusion of Investor Sentiment Considering Hesitating and Forgetting Mechanism

Hongxing Yao and Jiali Shen

124. Dynamics Analysis of a 4D Neuron model under Periodic Disturbance

Wen Yun, Ying Lu, Wen Shi and Xuerong Shi

134. Bioconvection Peristaltic Transport of Nanofluid in a Channel containing Gyrotactic microorganism

Asha. S. K  and Sunitha G

149. Wavelet Based Full Approximation Scheme for the Numerical Solution of Burgers’ equation arising in Fluid Dynamics using Biorthogonal wavelet

S. C. Shiralashetti, L. M. Angadi and A.B. Deshi

156. Residual and Dense Connection Combine Fully Convolutional Network for Infant Brain MRI Segmentation

Yuhang Qin and  Mao Cai

Volume 14  Number 1, February 2019  page 01-80

003.  Projective Synchronization of a Hyperchaotic Lorenz System 

Li Xin , Xuerong Shi and Mingjie Xu

010. Existence of periodic solutions for second order delay differential equations with a singularity of repulsive type  

Guohua Jia and Shiping Lu

018. The  perturbed  compound  Poisson-Geometric  risk  model  with constant interest and a threshold dividend strategy

Yemin Cui and Zuolei Wang

025. Error Analysis for Sparse Time-Frequency Decomposition of Non- Integer Period Sampling Signals

Qi Yang

035. Linear retrieval of microwave Land Surface Emissivity in Taklimakan Desert

Tingwen Zheng, Yuanhong Guan and Wenjun Wang

044. Study on Prediction Model of Personal Economic Level Based on Text Analysis Using Chinese Classified Lexicon

Yahui Chen, Zhan Wen, Xia Zu, Yuwen Pan and Wenzao Li

052. A Comprehensive Design of Unmanned Ground Search an Rescue Robot

Hesham Enshasy, Ibrahim Al-Badi, Qasem Abu Al-Haija, Muath Al-Saleh, Abdulrahman Bu-Shalf and Abdullah Al-Dosseri

Volume 13 Number 4, December 2018  page 241-320

243.  An  inverse  problem  for  diffusive  logistic  equation  with  free boundary  

Jiapeng Pan and Bin Wu

252.  Hermite  wavelet  based  galerkin  method  for  the  numerical solutions of one dimensional elliptic problems

S. C. Shiralashetti, L. M. Angadi and S. Kumbinarasaiah

261.  Hopf bifurcation analysis in a predator-prey model with square root response function with two time delays

Miao Peng and Zhengdi Zhang

269.  Confidence ellipsoids for the primary regression coefficients in m- equation seemingly unrelated regression models

Qingli Pan and Chuanlin Zhang

283.  Effects of sleep deprivation on brain functional network

Ming Ye, ShuHui Tang, Peng Qing and Guangyuan Liu

291.  The growth of generalized iterated entire functions – I 

Ratan Kumar Dutta

303.  On solving fuzzy matrix games via linear programming approach  

H. A. Khalifa

311.  A linearized compact finite difference scheme for Schrödinger- Poisson System

Chenyi Zhu and Huawei Zhao

Volume 13  Number 3, August 2018  page 161-240

163. Using artificial neural network for solar energy level predicting

A.G. Mustafaev

168. Fuzzy Discretization and Rough Set based Feature Selection for High-Dimensional Classification  

Prema Ramasamy and Premalatha Kandhasamy

179. Study of convergence of laguerre wavelet based numerical method for initial and boundary value bratu-type problems

S. C. Shiralashetti and Kumbinarasaiah S

190. The primal-dual simplex algorithm base on the most obtuse angle principle

Wenya Gu, Xiangrui Meng, Xiaochen Zhu, Xinfa Qiu and Pingqi Pan

195. Primal-dual Simplex Algorithm for Linear Programming

Xiangrui Meng, Wenya Gu and Pingqi Pan

201. A Salient Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Shape and Color Features

Shuxian Huang and Wenbing Chen

212. Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Hopfield Neural Networks with Timevarying Delays

Qifeng Xun and Caigen Zhou

223. Periodic solutions for singular Liénard equations with indefinite weight

Chentong Zhao and Shiping Lu

229. Numerical study on the effect of rainwater evaporation on severe convective weather under different boundary layer parameterization schemes

Tang Jie and Liu Xiaoli

Volume 13  Number 2, May 2018  page 81-160

083. A Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Networks Model for Brain MRI Segmentation

Zhihui Cao,  Yuhang Qin and Yunjie Chen

089. On a New Technique in Laser Spot Detection and Tracking using Optical Flow and Kalman Filtering

Yang Bai, Xiuli Wang, Wen Liu and Ming Yang

100. Research on the complex features about Stackelberg game model with retailers have dualidentities

Liu Geng

117. Dynamics analysis of time-delay hydro-turbine governing system with two time-scales

Bofan Wang, Junchen Dong, Quankun Li, Hengxu Li, Yang Chen and Jianglin Xia

125. A Scale-Free Network Evolution Model Based on the Growth Characteristics of Social Networks

Qi Yang and Yulong Shi

131. Fuzzy Driven Decision Support System for Enhanced Performance Appraisal

Ojokoh Bolanle Adefowoke, Oluwasefunmi Tale Arogundade, Mojisola Grace Asogbon, Babatope Sunday Adeniyi and Oluwarotimi Williams Samuel

141. A new perspective of epidemic controlling: immunization therapy strategy in weighted complex network

Yu-Ying Huang, Yu-Xin Ma,Yi-Xian Chen,Lin-Zi Zhang and Han-Li

151. An Improved Network-based Intrusion Detection System for Virtual Private Networks

S  V Athawale and M A Pund

156. Application of shadowing Filter in Weather Predictability

Juan Shan

Volume 13  Number 1, February 2018  page 01-80

003.  Efficient Approach for Land Record Classification and Information Retrieval in Data Warehouse 

C. B. David Joel Kishore  and T. Bhaskara Reddy

022. Wavelet based numerical solution of linear and non-linear parabolic partial differential equations using Lifting scheme  

S. C. Shiralashettia, L. M. Angadib and A. B. Deshi

033. Research on the rumor spreading  model with noise inference in the homogeneous network

Hongxing Yao, Lijuan Wang and Jingjing Yao

044. Modeling of human knee joint and finite element analysis of landing impact motion

Bao Chunyu, Meng Qinghua and Guo Baochuan

049. On the fractional derivatives of some special functions

A. Saud, M. Awad, M. Salm and S. K. Elagan

056. A New Coding Theory on Fibonacci n-Step Polynomials

Monojit Das and Manjusri Basu

074. Local Influence Diagnostics of Replicated Data with Measurement Errors

Jingjing Lu, Hairong Li and Chunzheng Cao

Volume 12  Number 4, December 2017  page 241-320

243.  Reducing Checkpoint Overhead in Grid Environment  

A. S. Faki and R. G. Jimoh

248.  Adaptive synchronization of fractional-order Lorenz systems with memristor

Fanqi Meng, Xuerong Shi, Yan Zhou, Juanjuan Huang and Zuolei Wang

255.  Temporal link prediction algorithm based on local random walk

Yuanxiao Fan and Pei-ai Zhang

264.  Image encryption based on fractional order 4-D system with memristor

Xuerong Shi, Lizhou Zhuang, Fanqi Meng, Hongsheng Cheng and Zuolei Wang

270.  An Intelligent Cooperative Approach Applied to Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Scheduling Problem

Lamiche Chaabane

280.  Building a Customer-Centric Transformation for Next Generation e-Commerce 

Akinyede, Raphael Olufemi, Medale and Oluwafemi Ayodeji

291.  Converting Z-number to Fuzzy Number using Fuzzy Expected Value  

Mahdieh Akhbari

301.  Probability Computation of Molecular Matrices

SiqingGan and Heng Sun

312.  Finite-time chaos synchronization of the delay Lorenz system with disturbance via a single controller

Yan Zhou, Juanjuan Huang, Zuolei Wang and Xuerong Shi

Volume 12  Number 3, August 2017  page 161-240

163. Notes on Fuzzy Linear Systems

Sanhita Banerjee and Tapan Kumar Roy

183. Daubechies wavelet based full approximation scheme for solving Burgers'equation arising in Fluid Dynamics

S. C. Shiralashetti, L. M. Angadi and A. B. Deshi

195. Complete synchronization of 4D Chua system via linear controllers

Xuerong Shi, Zuolei Wang, Wen Yun and Liying Zheng

203. Wavelet Preconditioners of Electrohydrodynamic flow problem

M. H. Kantli and M. M. Holliyavar

210. Gene expression data classification using exponential locality sensitive discriminant analysis

Chunming Xu

216. The Padovan Universal Code

Monojit Das

220. Partial eigenvalue assignment in descriptor systems via derivative and propositional state feedback

Sakineh Bigom Mirassadi and Hojjat Ahsani Tehrani

234. Anycast Routing Algorithm Based on Krill Herd Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yun-li Gu, Xin Xu, Ya-ping Cheng and Yan-juan Zhang

Volume 12  Number 2, May 2017  page 81-160

083. A Diffie-Hellman key exchange for self-Encryption over points on the Elliptic Curve Cryptography

B.Ravi Kumar, A.Chandra Sekhar and G.Appala Naidu

088. Pinning hybrid synchronization of time-delay hyperchaotic Lü systems via single linear control

Jiawei Zhou, Zuolei Wang and Xuerong Shi

096. Haar wavelet collocation method to solve problems arising in induction motor

A. Padmanabha Reddy, C. Sateesha and S. H. Manjula

107. Testing for outliers in nonlinear longitudinal data models based on M-estimation

Huihui Sun

113. Design and implementation of an online booking system for a cinema house

Raphael Akinyede, Temitayo Balogun and Gabriel Iwasokun

123. Image encryption based on the tracking control Hindmarsh-Rose system via Genesio-Tesi system

Keming Tang, Xuerong Shi, Zuolei Wang, Wen Yun and Liying Zheng

130. A coupling segmentation method based on CV model for highnoise image

Kai Cai

141. Adaptive Cluster Multi Dimensional Data Analysis in Map Reduce Framework using Matlab

Uma Mahesh Kumar Gandham and Dr P Suresh Varma

151. Finite-time burst synchronization of time-delay neural system with parameters disturbed by periodic signal

Weipeng Lv and Xuerong Shi

Volume 12  Number 1, February 2017  page 01-80

003. Profit maximization through bid based dynamic power dispatch using symbiotic organism search 

Archana Tiwari, Manjaree Pandit and Hari Mohan Dubey

014. Analysis of influencing factors of PM2.5 based on regression equation  

Jingrong Sun

020. Synchronization of the neurons with external disturbance via single sliding mode controller

Zuolei Wang, Xingping Zhu, Xuerong Shi, Wen Yun and Liying Zheng

026. Application of locality sensitive discriminant analysis to predict protein fold pattern

Chunming Xu

033. Accident predictive system in Benue State using artificial neural network

A. Amuche, B.M. Esiefarienrhe and I. Agaji

041. Multi-scale logarithmic difference face recognition based on local binary pattern

Lifang Lin and Chuanlin Zhang

052. A comparative study of the Daubechies wavelet based new Galerkin and Haar wavelet collocation methods for the numerical solution of differential equations

S. C. Shiralashetti , M. H. Kantli and A. B. Deshi

064. System of linear equations in imprecise environment

Sanhita Banerjee and Tapan Kumar Roy

073. An approach for solving fuzzy matrix games using signed distance method

Laxminarayan Sahoo

Volume 11  Number 4, December 2016  page 241-320

243.  Adomian decomposition method for fuzzy differential equations with linear differential operator  

Suvankar Biswas and Tapan Kumar Roy

251.  Approximate Solutions to System of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations using Reduced Differential Transform Method

Mohamed S. Mohamed, M. Sayed and TurkiaT. Al-Qarshi

262.  Solution for singularly perturbed problems via cubic spline in tension

K. Aruna and A. S. V. Ravi Kanth

270.  Providing a Method for Object Detection Using a Combination Category

Seyed Ahad Zolfagharifar, Faramarz Karamizadeh and Hamid Parvin

281.  An Optimal Trade-off Solution of the Software Architecture Choice Problem

Kharchenko A, Bodnarchuk I, Galay I and Yatcyshyn V

291.  Control and Stability of the Time-delay Linear Systems 

Narges Tahmasbi and Hojjat Ahsani Tehrani

298.  Study on the price Stackelberg game model under different competitive environment  

Hongxing Yao and Yuan Luo

312.  Analysis of a delayed predator-prey system with Holling type-IV functional response and impulsive diffusion between two patches

Xingping Zhu and Xuerong Shi

Volume 11  Number 3, August 2016  page 161-240

163. Numerical Treatment of Lacunary Spline Function of Fractional Order

Faraidun K. Hamasalh and Pshtiwan O. Muhammed

169. Haar Wavelet Based Numerical Solution of Elasto-hydrodynamic Lubrication with Line Contact Problems

S.C. Shiralashetti1, M.H. Kantli1and A. B. Deshi

180. Information Technology for Monitoring of Municipal Gas Consumption, Based on Additive Model and Correlated for Weather Factors

Oleg Nazarevych, Volodymyr Gotovych and Grigorij Shymchuk

188. Comparative Study of Finite Element and Haar Wavelet Correlation Method for the Numerical Solution of Parabolic Type Partial Differential Equations

S. C. Shiralashetti, P. B. Mutalik Desai and A. B. Deshi

208. Optimal k-Anycast Routing Algorithm for Sleep-Wake Scheduling Wireless Sensor Networks

Xin Xu, Yun-li Gu and Ya-ping Cheng

214. Enhancement of Performance of TCP Using Normalised Throughput Gradient in Wireless Networks

N.G.Goudru1 and B.P.Vijaya kumar

235. Image encryption based on the bursting synchronization of time-delay neural system

Xuerong Shi, Lixin Han and Zuolei Wang

Volume 11  Number 2, May 2016  page 81-160

083. Tracking the State of the Hindmarsh-Rose Neuron by Using the Coullet Chaotic System Based on a Single Input

Jiawei Zhou, Xingping Zhu, Jin Liu, Yi Zhai and Zuolei Wang

093. VIM for Determining Unknown Source Parameter in Parabolic Equations

V. Eskandari and M. Hedavand

101. Numerical Solution of Two-dimensional Nonlinear Volterra Integro-differential Equations by Tau Method

Y. Ordokhani and F. Samari

111. Bernoulli Wavelet Based Numerical Method for Solving Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind

S. C. Shiralashetti and R. A. Mundewadi

120. The Iterative Method for Optimal Control Problems by the Shifted Legendre Polynomials

A. Ordookhani and H. Kharazi

129. General Regression Neural Network Optimization for Handwritten Persian Digits recognition Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Mohammad Masoud Javidi and Rahim Gholami Shooli

136. Haar Wavelet Method for the Numerical Solution of Benjamin–Bona–Mahony Equations

S. C. Shiralashetti, L. M. Angadi, A. B. Deshi and M. H. Kantli

146. Content Based Image Retrieval for Space Weather Application

Esraa Zeki Mohammed

153. Adaptive step forward-backward matching pursuit algorithm

Songjiang ZhangMi Zhou and Chuanlin Zhang

Volume 11  Number 1, February 2016  page 01-80

003. On the Growth Estimate of Iterated Entire Functions

Ratan Kumar Dutta

016. Comparative study of finite element and haar wavelet collocation method for the numerical solution of parabolic type partial differential equations  

S. C. Shiralashetti, P. B. Mutalik Desai and A. B. Deshi

030. Extended rational (G / G) expansion method for nonlinear partial differential equations

Khaled A. Gpreel, Taher A. Nofal and Khulood O. Alweail

058. Finite-time chaos synchronization of the delay hyperchaotic Lü system with uncertain parameters

Yan Zhou, Juanjuan Huang, Xuerong Shi, Zuolei Wang and Hongsheng Cheng

065. Analysis on Responses of Drought Stress on Soil Moisture and Maize Yield Structure

Ji Xiaona, Chen Yunxi and Yu Huayou

070. Modeling Cloud Storage: A Proposed Solution to Optimize Planning for and Managing Storage as a Service

Anita L. Timmons, Pavel Fomin and James Wasek

Volume 10  Number 4, December 2015  page 241-320

243.  Finite-time synchronization of time-delay Hindmarsh- Rose system with external disturbance  

Chi Zhou, Zhong Zuo, Ruifeng Cao and Zuolei Wang

249.  Linear Variational Inequality Model of L1-norm Minimization Problems with Applications to Compressive Sensing

Min Sun

255.  Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solve Integer Nonlinear Programming Problem in Reliability Optimization

Laxminarayan Sahoo

265.  Finite-time hybrid synchronization of time-delay hyperchaotic Lorenz system

Haijuan Chen, Rui Chen, Min Ji

271.  More-For-Less Paradox in a Solid Transportation Problem

AtanuDas, Debi Prasad Acharya and ManjusriBasu

277.  An Anycast Routing Protocol Based on Mobile Agent for Wireless Sensor Networks

Xin Xu, Yun-li Gu, and Ya-ping Cheng

285.  A New Rational Quadratic Trigonometric Bézier Curve with Three Shape Parameters  

Beibei Wu and Fangge Li

291.  Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear and Quadratic Equations

Sanhita Banerjee and Tapan Kumar Roy

311.  Local Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis for a Predator-Prey control Model with Two Delays

Hongxing Yao and Jie Zhang

Volume 10  Number 3, August 2015  page 161-240

163. Improving Computing Performance for Algorithm Finding Maximal Flows on Extended Mixed Networks

Viet Tran Ngoc, Chien Tran Quoc and Tau Nguyen Van

169. Mathematical techniques to transform intuitionistic fuzzy multisets to fuzzy sets

Paul Augustine Ejegwa

173. The Vehicle Logo Location System based on saliency model

Shangbing Gao, Liangliang Wang, Hongyang Wang and Jun Zhou

178. Numerical solution of two-dimensional nonlinear Volterra integral equations using Bernstein polynomials

Y. Ordokhani and R. Javadi

189. Stability and hybrid synchronization of a time-delay financial hyperchaotic system

Lingling Zhang, Guoliang Cai and Xiulei Fang

199. The Method of Particular Solutions (MPS) for Solving One-Dimensional Hyperbolic Telegraph Equation

LingDe Su , ZiWu Jiang and TongSong Jiang

209. Fuzzy Model Identification:A Review and Comparison of Type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Systems

Meena Tushir

220. Solving the Examination Timetabling Problem Using a Two-Phase Heuristic: The case of Sokoine University of Agriculture

Egbert Mujuni and Allen Mushi

228. Hybrid synchronization of the hyperchaotic 4D systems via impulsive coupling

Zhaobing Lin, Yan Zhou and Juanjuan Huang

234. Pinning synchronization of Hyperchaotic network with time delay via one controller

Haibo Shi and Guoxia Xu

Volume 10  Number 2, May 2015  page 81-160

083. Some Fixed Point Theorems in G-Metric and Fuzzy Metric Spaces using E.A Property

Vishal Gupta and Raman Deep

090. A parallel descent-like prediction-correction method for structured variational inequalities with three blocks

Min Sun and Jing Liu

097. Numerical Solution of Fractional Differential Equations by using Fractional Spline Model

Faraidun K. Hamasalh and Pshtiwan O. Muhammad

106. Robust Reinforcement Learning Decoupling Control Based on Int-egral Quadratic Constraints

Wang Teng

114. Application of HPM for determination of an unknown function in a semi-linear parabolic equation

Malihe Rostamian and Alimardan Shahrezaee

124. An In-depth Study on the Performance Impact of CUDA, OpenCL, and PTX Code

Puya Memarzia and Farshad Khunjush

137. Application of homotopy perturbation and Adomian dec- omposition methods for solving an inverse heat problem

F. Parzlivand and A. M. Shahrezaee

148. Chaos control of hyper chaotic delay Lorenz system via back stepping method

Hanping Chen and Xuerong Shi

154. Study of different machine learning methods in welded seam width prediction

Wang Teng and Gao Xiangdong

Volume 10  Number 1, February 2015  page 01-80

003. Bounded Extended Cesŕro Operators From QK Spaces into Weighted Bloch Spaces

YaPing Cheng, TaiZhong Zhang and Yaling Zhang

007. Analysis and Comparison Routing Protocols based on ACO and Without ACO in MANET

Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani and Hossein Motahari

019. Analytical Treatment of Abel Integral Equations by Optimal Homotopy Analysis Transform Method

Mohamed S. Mohamed

029. Fusing Shearlets and LBP Feature Sets for Face Recognition

Zhiyong Zeng

040. Boundary and Region based Moments Analysis for Image Pattern Recognition

U Ravi Babu, Md Mastan and Y Venkateswarlu

046. On the Characterization of Nonuniform Wavelet Sets on Positive Half Line


054. Modified simple equation method to the nonlinear Hirota Satsuma KdV system

E.M.E.Zayed , Khaled A. Gepreel and M. M. El-Horbaty

063. Texture Classification based on Fuzzy Based Texton Cooccurrence Matrix

Rasigiri Venkata Lakshmi , E. Srinivasa Reddy and K. Chandra Sekharaiah

075. Improving Computing Performance for Algorithm Finding Maximal Flows on Extended Mixed Networks

Viet Tran Ngoc , Chien Tran Quoc and Tau Nguyen Van

Volume 9  Number 4, December 2014  page 241-320

243.  Bands detection and Lanes segmentation in DNA Fingerprint images  

I. Ismail and Gh. S. Eltaweel and H. Nassar

252.  A steepest descent method with a Wolf type line search

Ju Jing-jie and Pang De-yan and Du Shou-qiang

262.  Hippocampus Segmentation via active contour model

Shangbing Gao and Haiyan Zhou and Yuebin Lin and Yue Zhang

267.  A smoothing Newton method for the minimum norm solution of linear program

Lina Zhang and Zhensheng Yu and Yanyan Zhu

277.  Enhanced K-Means Clustering Algorithm using A Heuristic Approach

Vighnesh Birodkar and Damodar Reddy Edla

285.  Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets in Career Determination

P. A. Ejegwa and A. J. Akubo and O. M. Joshua

289.  Finite Element Method for solving Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations of the second kind  

M.Gachpazan and A. Kerayechian and H. zeidabadi

298.  The use of radial basis functions for the solution of a partial differential equation with an unknown time-dependent coefficient

F. Parzlivand and A. M. Shahrezaee

310.  Identification of the unknown diffusion coefficient in a parabolic equation using HPM

F. Parzlivand and A. M. Shahrezaee

Volume 9  Number 3, August 2014  page 161-240

163. An Effective QoS-aware Web Service Selection Approach

Tongguang Zhang

169. Solving Fractional Nonlinear Fredholm Integro-differential Equations via Hybrid of Rationalized Haar Functions

Yadollah Ordokhani and Neda Rahimi

181. Linear Time Growth Collaborative Filtering Based on Caching Techniques

Waleed M. Al-Adrousy, Hesham A. Ali, and Taher T. Hamza

189. Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks: A Survey

Atieh Rezaei and Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani

196. A Hybrid Data Clustering Approach Based on Cat Swarm Optimization and K- Harmonic Mean Algorithm

Yugal Kumar and G. Sahoo

210. Internet Traffic Modelling -Variance Based Markovian Fitting of Fractal Point Process from Self-Similarity Perspective

Rajaiah Dasari and Malla Reddy Perati

224. A single-input linear controller for complete synchronization of a delay financial hyperchaotic system

Xiulei Fang, Guoliang Cai, Lan Yao and Lingling Zhang

233. The Traffic Sign Detection based on the visual saliency

Yan Zhang ,Shangbing Gao, Shiliang Xu and Yue Zhang

Volume 9  Number 2, May 2014  page 81-160

083. FP-growth Tree for large and Dynamic Data Set and Improve Efficiency

Rahul Moriwal

091. A new conjugate gradient method based on the modified secant equations

Weijuan Shi, Chunyan Hu, Benxin Zhang

097. A Survey on Parallel Evolutionary Computing and Introduce Four General Frameworks to Parallelize All EC Algorithms and Create New Operation for Migration

Amin Majd and Golnaz Sahebi

106. The VIM for solving a nonlinear inverse parabolic problem

M. Rostamian and A.M. Shahrezaee

113. A Fliter Method for Sloving LCP Based on Nonmonotone Line Search

Yanyan Zhu, Zhengshen Yu and Lina Zhang

123. Numerical solution of the nonlinear Fredholm-Volterra-Hammerstein integral equations via Bessel functions

Y. Ordokhani and H. Dehestani

132. An Application of Integer Linear Programming Problem in Tea Industry of Barak Valley of Assam, India under Crisp and Fuzzy Environments

Nabendu Sen, Laxminayaran Sahoo and Asoke Kumar Bhunia

141. A Kernel Hybridization NGram-Okapi for Indexing and Classification of Arabic Documents

Taher Zaki , Driss Mammass , Abdellatif Ennaji and Stéphane Nicolas

154. A Non-Contact Method for Cardiac Pulse Measurement with Smart Phone: Client-Server Architecture

Kapil Kumar Gupta, Joydip Dhar and Ritu Tiwari

Volume 9  Number 1, February 2014  page 01-80

003. A reliable treatment for nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equations

J. Rashidinia, A. Tahmasebi and S. Rahmany

011. Biorthogonal Wavelet Packets Associated with Nonuniform Multiresolution

Firdous Ahmad Shah

022. Conservative domain decomposition procedure for the variable coefficient diffusion equation

Ruiyi Wang and Yang Zhang

031. Analysis of Classical Routing Algorithms on Different Contention Based MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra and Rakesh Kumar Yadav

037. A Novel Data Mining based Hybrid Intrusion Detection Framework

Mradul Dhakar and Akhilesh Tiwari

049. Modified Projective Synchronization of New Hyper-chaotic Systems

Ayub Khan and Ram Pravesh Prasad

054. Matrix technology for a class of fourth-order difference schemes in solution of hyperbolic equations

A. Golbabai

067. Chebyshev Semi-iterative Method to Solve Fully Fuzzy linear Systems

E. Abdolmaleki and S. A. Edalatpanah

075. The Hesitant Fuzzy Weighted OWA Operator and its Application In Multiple Attribute Decision Making

Sun Min and Liu Jing

Volume 8  Number 4, December 2013  page 241-320

243.  Tau numerical solution of the Volterra-Fredholm Hammerstein integro-differential equations with the Bernstein multi-scaling functions  

Yadollah Ordokhani Solmaz Moosavi and Mohsen Shahrezaee

256.  Square model is better than Spiral Model to improve the process of IVR Software

Devesh Kumar Srivastava

264.  A Theoretical Study of Extreme Parallelism in Sequence Alignments

Chung-E Wang

275.  Numerical solution of the boundary value problems in calculus of variations using parametric cubic spline method

M. Zarebnia and Z. Sarvari

283.  Relative Order of Functions of Several Complex Variables Analytic in the Unit Polydisc

Ratan Kumar Dutta

291.  An Improvement on the Hardy-Hilbert Integral Type Inequality

YaPing Cheng and TaiZhong Zhang

295.  On Stability of a Second-Order System  

Reza Habibi

299.  Growth of Iterated Entire Functions in terms of (p, q)-th Order

Ratan Kumar Dutta

316.  Maize Disease Recognition via Fuzzy Least Square Support Vector Machine

Cunlou Lu, Shangbing Gao and Zecheng Zhou

Volume 8  Number 3, August 2013  page 161-240

163. Homotopy perturbation transform method for solving nonlinear wave-like equations of variable coefficients

V.G.Gupta Sumit Gupta

173. Multiplicity of positive solutions for a class of quasilinear elliptic p-Laplacian problems with nonlinear boundary conditions

Asadollah Aghajani, Farajollah Mohammadi Yaghoobi, and Jamileh Shamshiri

183. Design and Implementation of RESTful Non-repudiation Services

Saman Barakat

209. Automatic Segmentation Approach Based Data Aggregation for the Classification of Brain Tissues

Lamiche Chaabane and Moussaoui Abdelouahab

217. Novel Shape Description for CBIR in Medical Application

Loay Edwar George and Esraa Zeki Mohammed

227. Sentence Ordering Algorithm with Subject Criterion for Automatic Multi-Document Summarization

Naser Jawas, Randy Cahya Wihandika, and Agus Zainal Arifin

235. Critical Event Monitoring in WSN using Cluster Based CCDS

Archana. J, Bavithra. R, Jothilakshmi. M, Meena. M, Menaka.E

Volume 8  Number 2, May 2013  page 81-160

083. Rational solitary wave solutions for some nonlinear differential difference equations

Khaled A. Gepreel

090. Application of an Ant Colony System – Node (ACS – N) algorithm in the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

Aristidis Vlachos

096. Reduction of Blocking artifacts in Compressed Medical Images

Jagroop Singh, Sukhwinder Singh and Dilbag Singh

103. Determination of a source term and boundary heat flux in an inverse heat equation

A.M. Shahrezaee and M. Rostamian

115. Jacobian consistency property analysis for generalized complementarity problems

Shou-qiang Du

119. Privacy Preserving Three-Layer Naďve Bayes Classifier for Vertically Partitioned Databases

Alka Gangrade and Ravindra Patel

130. Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Soft Set

Broumi Said and Florentin Smarandache

141. Modeling Plasma Fabric Surface Treatment Using Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks

Radhia Abd Jelil, Xianyi Zeng Ludovic Koehl and Anne Perwuelz

153. Novel Shape Description for CBIR in Medical Application

Loay Edwar George 1 and Esraa Zeki Mohammed

Volume 8  Number 1, February 2013  page 01-80

003. A modified (G'/G)- expansion method and its application for finding hyperbolic, trigonometric and rational function solutions of nonlinear evolution equations

Elsayed M. E. Zayed

013. Performance Evaluation of various Image De-noising Techniques

Gurmeet Kaur and Jagroop Singh

027. Vietnam License Plate Recognition System based on Edge Detection and Neural Networks

VinhDu MAI , Duoqian MIAO and Ruizhi WANG

041. An Alternative Approach for PDE-Constrained Optimization via Genetic Algorithm

Laxminarayan Sahoo, A. K. Bhunia, D.Pal and B. N. Mandal

055. Shared Crossover Method for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem

Mouhammd Al kasassbeh, A. Alabadleh and T. Al-Ramadeen

063. A Model for Vague Association Rule Mining in Temporal Databases

Anjana Pandey and K.R.Pardasani

075. A New Spectral Conjugate Gradient Method and Its Global Convergence

Min SUN and Jing LIU

Volume 7  Number 4, December 2012  page 241-320

243.  A Real Coded Genetic Algorithm to Entropy Bimatrix Game: Fuzzy Programming Technique

Sankar Kumar Roy and Chandan Bikash Das

253.  Some Explicit Class of Hybrid Methods for Optimal Control of Volterra Integral Equations

M. Reza Peyghami , M. Hadizadeh and A. Ebrahimzadeh

267.  A nonsmooth Levenberg-Marquardt method for generalized complementarity problem

Shou-qiang Du

272.  Synchronization of different 3D chaotic systems by generalized active control

Mohammad Ali Khan

284.  Reliability-redundancy Optimization Problem with IntervalValued Reliabilities of Components via Genetic Algorithm

Sanat K.M, Laxminarayan Sahoo and Asoke Kumar Bhunia

296.  Trust Based Selective Forwarding Attacks using Channel Aware Approach in Wireless Mesh Networks

Anand Nayyar

303.  A Spline based computational simulations for solving selfadjoint singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems

K. Aruna and A. S. V. Ravi Kanth

315.  Symmetry Reductions, Exact Solutions and Conservation Laws of the (3 + 1)-dimensional Nonlinear Evolution Equation

Wen-Jian LIU

Volume 7  Number 3, August 2012  page 161-240

163. A Second Kind Chebyshev Polynomial Approach for the Wave Equation Subject to an Integral Conservation Condition

Somayeh Nemati and Yadollah Ordokhani

172. A collocation method for the solution of convection–diffusion parabolic problems

Reza Jalilian and Fateme Hatami

181. A Comparison of Numerical Solutions of Eleventh Order Twopoint Boundary Value Problems

Amjad Hussain , Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din and Ahmet Yildirim

190. Dual lag quasi-synchronization of a class of chaotic systems with parameter mismatch

Runzi Luo and Yinglan Wang

200. Solution of Large Scale Economic Load Dispatch Problem using Quadratic Programming and GAMS: A Comparative Analysis

Devendra Bisen , H. M.Dubey , M. Pandit and B. K. Panigrahi

212. A New Sufficient Descent Conjugate Gradient Method for Unconstrained Optimization

Sun Min and Liu Jing

218. Set-membership Affine Projection Algorithm with Selective Regressors

Xiaoli Zhang and Yongquan Fan

223. Fuzzy Parametric Geometric Programming with Application in Fuzzy Epq model under Flexibility and Reliability Consideration

G.S. Mahapatra, T.K. Mandal and G.P. Samanta

235. Saliency and Active Contour based Traffic Sign Detection

Shangbing Gao and Yunyang Yan

Volume 7  Number 2, May 2012  page 81-160

083. Quartic B-Spline Collocation Method for Solving One-Dimensional Hyperbolic Telegraph Equation

Marzieh Dosti and Alireza Nazemi

091. Computational Method for Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Singular Boundary Value Problems using Nonpolynomial Spline

Navnit Jha

097. Exact Solutions of the ZK(M, N, K) Equation with Generalized Evolution and Time-Dependent Coefficients

Wei Li and Yun-Mei Zhao

111. Some Comparative Growth Rate of Composite Entire and Meromorphic Functions

Sanjib Kumar Datta and Tanmay Biswas

121. Differential Evaluation Learning of Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Networks for Stock Price Prediction

Rahib H. Abiyev amd Vasif Hidayat Abiyev

131. Application of Homotopy Perturbation Transform Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations

Jagdev Singh, Devendra Kumar and Sushila Rathore

140. The Prove of a Class of Variational Inequalities

Xiangrui Meng and Wenya Gu

143. Probing Packets Efficiency and Effectiveness on Network Performance and Measurements

Yazeed A. Al-Sbou

151. A Sinc-collocation Method for Second-order Boundary Value Problems of Nonlinear Integro-differential Equation

S. Yeganeh, Y. Ordokhani and A. Saadatmandi

Volume 7  Number 1, February 2012  page 01-80

003. A Visualization Tool for Teaching and Learning Database Decomposition System

A. A. Taofiki and A. O. Tale

011. Inner-Outer Synchronization Analysis of Two Complex Networks with Delayed and Non-Delayed Coupling

S. Zheng

019. A Fuzzy Intra-Clustering Approach for Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer System

R. Bhardwaj, V.S. Dixit and A. Upadhyay

025. Document Classification in Summarization

G. Mamakis, A. G. Malamos, J. A.Ware and I. Karelli

039. Applied two Stages Minimize-Matrix-Size Algorithm with DCT on DWT for Image Compression

M. M. Siddeq

054. On General Binary Relation Based Rough Set

W.h. Xu, X.t. Zhang, Q.r. Wang and S. Sun

067. Global Convergence of a New Conjugate Gradient Method with Wolfe Type Line Search

Y.y. Chen

072. A Class of Quasi-Quartic Trigonometric BÉZier Curves and Surfaces

L. Yang, J.c. Li and G.h. Chen

Volume 6  Number 4, December 2011  page 241-320

243.  A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Reliability of Bridge Network in Fuzzy System

G.S. Mahapatra and P. Roy

255.  Development of Media Search Engine & its Optimization

Sagarjit Roy and Koushik Saha

261.  The Computation of Common Infinity-norm Lyapunov Functions for Linear Switched Systems

Zheng Chen and Yan Gao

269.  A Framework for Reducing Multidimensional Database to Two Dimensions

Adio Akinwale, Kolawole Adesina and Olusegun Folorunso

279.  Synchronization Criterions between Two Identical or Different Fractional Order Chaotic Systems

Yuhua Xu, Wuneng Zhou, Jianan Fang, Ling Pan and Wen Sun

287.  Speeding Up Fractal Image Compression Using DCT Descriptors

Loay E. George and Nevart A. Minas

295.  A Novel Sparse Learning Method: Compressible Bayesian Elastic Net Model

Keyang Cheng, Qirong Mao, Xiaoyang Tan and Yongzhao Zhan

303.  Fast Iterative Method-FIM : Application to the Convection-Diffusion Equations

H.SaberiNajafi and S.A.Edalatpanah

303.  Conceptual Category of Knowledage and Its Correlationbased Metrizable Space

Jian Zhao and Lei Liu

Volume 6  Number 3, August 2011  page 161-240

163. Full Disk Encryption based on Virtual Machine and Key Recovery Scheme

Min Liang and Chaowen Chang

173. T-Wise Balanced Designs from Binary Hamming Codes

Manjusri Basu and Satya Bagchi

177. Ontology-Based Access Control Model for Semantic Web Services

A. Mohammad, G. Kanaan, T. Khdour and S. Bani-Ahmad

207. Lane Markers Detection based on Consecutive Threshold Segmentation

Huan Wang, Mingwu Ren and Sulin Shao

213. An Improved Image Retrieval Method Based On Color Spatial Distribution and Shape Curve of Object

Wenbing Chen and Qin Xu

227. Dynamic Multi-Document Summarization Research based on Matrix Subspace Analysis Model

Meiling Liu, Dequan Zheng, Tiejun Zhao, Honge Ren and Yang Yu

234. A Discontinuous Galerkin Level Set Method for Compressible two Fluid Flow

Eryun Chen, Gaiping Zhao, Ailing Yang and Qingyi Sai

Volume 6  Number 2, May 2011  page 81-160

083. An Extension of Edge Zeroing Heuristic for Scheduling Precedence Constrained Task Graphs

Abhishek Mishra and Anil Kumar Tripathi

097. On Order of a Function of Several Complex Variables Analytic in the Unit Polydisc

Ratan Kumar Dutta

109. A New Skew Linear Interpolation Characteristic Difference Method for Sobolev Equation

Yang Zhang

117. The Study of Wiener Processes with N(0,1)-Random Trend Processes Based on Wavelet

Xuewen Xia

123. Local Chan-Vese Model for Segmenting Nighttime Vehicle License Characters

Shangbing Gao, Lanfang Wang

129. Exact Solutions for Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics

A.R. Shehata, E.M.E.Zayed and K.A.Gepreel

143. Noise Separation from Multiple Copy Images Using the FastICA Algorithm

Hongbo Chen and Zhencheng Chen

152. Existence of Multiple Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Elliptic Problems Involving the P-Laplacian

G. A. Afrouzi and Z. Valinejad

Volume 6  Number 1, February 2011  page 01-80

003. Exact Solutions for Nonlinear PDEs with the Variable Coefficients in Mathematical Physics

Khaled A. Gepreel

015. Some Improvements in PMAOR Method for Solving Linear Systems

Hashem Saberi Najafi, Seyyed Ahmad Edalatpanah

023. Generating Multi-dimensional Discrete Distribution Random Number

Xiaoping Hu, Hairong Cui

027. Global Exponential Stability of Cellular Neural Network with Discrete and Distributed Delays

Junfeng Cui

035. The Least Squares Solutions of Bisymmetric Matrix for Inverse Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem

Xiangrong Wang, Chenggang Chen, Shimin Wan, Yandong Yuan

043. On the Positive and Negative Solutions of   -Laplacian BVP with Neumann Boundary Conditions

M.Khaleghy Moghaddam, G.A.Afrouzi

049. Comparisons for Determinants of Special Matrices by Algorithm Proposed

Lugen M. Zake, Haslinda Ibrahim, Zurni Omar

055. Normalized Autocorrelation based Features for Robust Speech Recognition

Poonam Bansal, Amita Dev and Shail Bala Jain

064. Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Environmental/Economic Dispatch Problem

Aristidis Vlachos

073. Exact and Numerical Solution of Lienard's Equation

M. Matinfar, M. Mahdavi and Z. Raeisy

Volume 5  Number 4, December 2010  page 241-320

243.  (2,1)-Total Labelling of Cactus Graphs

Nasreen Khan, Madhumangal Pal  and Anita Pal

261.  Perron Complements of Strictly Generalized Doubly Diagonally Dominant Matrices

Li Zeng, Ming Xiao and Ting-Zhu Huang

271.  LSSVM Model for Penetration Depth Detection in Underwater Arc Welding Process

WeiMin Zhang, GuoRong Wang, YongHua Shi and BiLiang Zhong

279.  A Numerical Algorithm for Solving an Inverse Nonlinear Parabolic Problem

R. Pourgholi,  H. Molhem

287.  Cellular Genetic Algorithm with Density Dependence for Dynamic Optimization Problems

Hao Chen, Ming Li  and Xi Chen

299.  A Generalized Proof of the Smoothness of 6-Point Interpolatory Scheme

Ghulam Mustafa , Faheem Khan  and Muhammad Sadiq Hashmi

305.  A Full-Newton Step Primal-Dual Interior Point Algorithm for Linear Complementarity Problems

Lipu Zhang and Yinghong Xu

314.  A  Piecewise Modified Matrix Padé-type Approximation of Hybrid Order in the Interval [0, 1]

Beibei Wu

Volume 5  Number 3, August 2010  page 161-240

163. JPEG and Sequential Search Algorithm applied on Low-Frequency Sub-Band

Mohammed Mustafa Siddeq

173. Multisection Technique to Solve Interval-valued Purchasing Inventory Models without Shortages

Susovan Chakrabortty, Madhumangal Pal, Prasun Kumar Nayak

183. Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Set Relations and Some of Its Properties

Monoranjan Bhowmik and Madhumangal Pal

193. An Improved Bit-level Arithmetic Coding Algorithm

Jianjun Zhang and Xingfang Ni

199. A New 6-point Ternary Interpolating Subdivision Scheme and its Differentiability

Ghulam Mustafa, Pakeeza Ashraf

211. An Optimal Algorithm to Find a Maximum Weight 2-Coloured Set on Cactus Graphs

Kalyani Das and Madhumangal Pal

224. An Improvement on Disc Separation of the Schur Complement and Bounds

Zhuohong Huang, Tingzhu Huang

233. Sign Idempotent Matrices and Generalized Inverses

Jingyue Zhang, T. Z. Huang, Zhongshan Li and Xingwen Zhu

Volume 5  Number 2, May 2010  page 81-160

083. Homotopy Analysis Method for Nonlinear Jaulent-Miodek Equation

J. Biazar, M. Eslami

089. A Fast Vision-Based Air Object Detection Algorithm

Huan Wang, Mingwu Ren, Jingyu Yang

099. Delivering a Backup File Using Beamformer Antenna for Partially Failed Nodes

Amare Teferi, Yu Li

109. Image Rectification Algorithm Based on Immune Monoclonal Strategy

Liansheng Sui, Xiaomei Yang, Jiulong Zhang

117. Controlling a Novel Chaotic Attractor using Linear Feedback

Lin Pan, Daoyun Xu  and Wuneng Zhou

125. On the Positive and Negative Solutions of  -Laplacian BVP with Neumann Boundary Conditions

G.A.Afrouzi, M.khaleghy Moghaddam, J.Mohammadpour and M.zameni

133. Multiwavelet Computed Radon-Based Ofdm Trasceiver Designed and Symulation

Abbas Hasan Kattoush, Waleed Ameen Mahmoud, Atif Mashagbah and Ahed Ghodayyah

146. A Hybrid Pso Algorithm for Order Assignment Problem

Fuqing Zhao, Qiuyu Zhang, Yahong Yang

153. A Note on the SIMPLE Preconditioner for Nonsymmetric Saddle Point Problems

Jianlei Li, Zhijiang Zhang  and Liang Li

Volume 5  Number 1, February 2010  page 01-80

003. A Cellular Neural Network- Based Model for Edge Detection

Hezekiah Babatunde, Olusegun Folorunso and Adio Akinwale

011. Anti-Synchronization of two Different Chaotic Systems via Optimal Control with Fully Unknown Parameters

Honglan Zhu

019. Structural Risk Minimization Principle Based on Complex Fuzzy Random Samples

Zhiming Zhang, Jingfeng Tian

041. Linearisation of Boundary Optimal Control Problems by Finite Element Method

N. Davoodi, A. Kerayechian, M. Gachpazan

047. Efficient DCT-Domain Blind Measurement of Blocking Artifacts

Jagroop Singh, Sukwinder Singh, Dilbag Singh and MoinUddin

055. An Iterative Conjugate Gradient Regularization Method for Image Restoration

Jianjun Zhang , Qin Wang

063. Adaptive Projective Synchronization in Weighted Dynamical Complex Networks with Time-Varying Coupling Delay

Haijian Shao and Guoliang Cai

071. Modelling of Textile Structure for Advanced Applications

Xiaogang Chen

Volume 4  Number 4, December 2009  page 241-320

243.  Synchronization and Anti-synchronization of double hump Duffing-Van der Pol Oscillators via Active Control

A. N. Njah

251.  Controlling hyperchaos in a novel hyperchaotic system

Haoxiang Wang and Guoliang Cai

259.  Ant Colony Optimization for Optimal Control Problems

Akbar H. Borzabadi, and Hamed H. Mehne

265.  Non-Polynomial  Spline Approach to the  Solution of Fifth-Order Boundary-Value Problems

J. Rashidinina, R. Jalilian and K. Farajeyan

275.  Energy-Efficient Chain-type Wireless Sensor Network for Gas Monitoring

Gongbo Zhou, Zhencai Zhu, Guangzhu Chen, Ningning Hu

283.  Cooperative Classification under the Protection of PrivateInformation

Lu Fang, Zhong Weijun and Zhang Yulin

290.  A stable numerical algorithm for solving an inverse parabolic problem

R. Pourgholi and M. Rostamian

299.  A Model Reference Adaptive Control Based on Fuzzy Neural Network for Some Weapon Ac Servo System

Huawei CHAI, Longxing YANG

307.  On Stability of Positive Solutions to Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Unequal Diffusion Coefficients

G.A. Afrouzi and Z. Sadeghi

311.  Using Shift Number Coding with Wavelet Transform for Image Compression

Mohammed Mustafa Siddeq

Volume 4  Number 3, August 2009  page 161-240

161. Reliability Optimization of Complex Systems through C-SOMGA

Kusum Deep and Dipti

173. Physical Parameter Reconstruction of Mass-spring System from its Frequencies and Modes

Zhengsheng Wang

183. Weighted Harmonic Projection Method for Computing the Eigenvalues of Nonsymmetric Matrix

Hossein Aminikhah and Hossein Moosaei

191. CAD of 3D Woven Nodal Textile Structures

Martin A. Smith and Xiaogang Chen

205. A New Power Control Algorithm for Cellular CDMA Systems

Hamidreza Bakhshi and Sepehr Khodadadi

211. Rate-Complexity Scalable Multi-view Image Coding with Adaptive Disparity-Compensated Wavelet Lifting

Pongsak Lasang, Chang-su Kim and Wuttipong Kumwilaisak

224. Computing the Solution of the Shrödinger Equation with High-Order Dispersion Term on Type-2 Turing Machines

Dianchen Lu, Rui Zheng and Xiaoqing Lu

233. Fuzzy 2-Dimensional FLD for Face Recognition

Wankou Yang, Jianguo Wang, Mingwu Ren, Jingyu Yang

Volume 4  Number 2, May 2009  page 81-160

083. A Fuzzy Based Approach for Multicast Tree Computation in Wireless Multimedia Networks

J. D. Mallapur, S. S. Manvi, D. H. Rao

093. A Process Algebra Approach of BPEL4WS

Hui-yun Long and Jian-shi Li

099. An Iterative Conjugate Gradient Regularization Method for Image Restoration

Jianjun Zhang, Qin Wang

107. Modified Projective Synchronization of a New Hyperchaotic System

Song Zheng, Jiang Xu

115. A Hilbert Transform N-Dimensional Noisy Phase Unwrapping Algorithm

Abbas Hasan Kattoush

124. A Random Network Coding-based ARQ Scheme and Performance Analysis for Wireless Broadcast

Lin Yang, Gang Zheng, Hengtai Ma

131. Novel Feature Vector Set Extraction using Spectral Peaks in Autocorrelation Domain

Poonam Bansal, Amita Dev, Shail Bala Jain

142. Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Set

Monoranjan Bhowmik and Madhumangal Pal

153. The Computation of State Variable Model in Software Test Process Using Alternating Group Explicit Iterative Algorithm

Praveen R Srivastava, Navnit Jha and G Raghurama

Volume 4  Number 1, February 2009  page 1-80

003. Modeling Selecting and Ranking of Alternatives Characterized by Multiple Attributes to Satisfy Multiple Objectives

017. Operator Smoothing Splines and the Smoothing Appoximate Solutions of Operate Equaions in Hilbert Spaces

026. Approximate Stabilization of Switched Nonlinear Systems

033. Modified Projective Synchronization of Different Hyperchaotic Systems

041. The Multiplicity of  Eigenvalues of a Vectorial Sturm-liouville Problem

049. Bounds for the Extreme Eigenvalues Using the Trace and Determinant

056. Combining UML Interaction Diagrams and State-Charts for Testing of Object Oriented Software Systems

065. DMSr with Non-Precedence Constraints and Communication Tasks and Research of Its Optimal Communication 

073. The Necessarily Efficient Point Method for Interval Molp Problems Hassan Mishmast Nehi

Volume 3  Number 4, November 2008  page 241-320

243. An Edit Operation-Based Approach to Approximate String Matching in Large DNA Databases

258. Explicit solution of homotopy-perturbation method for some Fifth-order KdV equations and comparing it with other methods

269. Some properties of matrix product and its applications in nonnegative tensor decomposition

281. Adaptive control and synchronization of the Newton-Leipnik systems

290. A hybrid Tabu-SA algorithm for location-inventory model with considering capacity levels and uncertain demands

305. The Development of Database and HCI System for Automated Guided Vehicle in Web-based Monitoring Environment

313. Optimal setting of level production factors in the ceramic wall brick manufacturing to maximize the resistanced pressured strength

Volume 3  Number 3, August 2008  page 161-240

163.  A new rate-based congestion control scheme for wireless networks

173.  Uniqueness of positive solutions for a class of p-Laplacion problems

181. Anti-synchronization in different Hyperchaotic systems

189. Approach to approximate distribution reduct in incomplete ordered decision system

199. CAD and constraint-based geometric modelling algorithms for 2D and 3D woven textile structuress

215. Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin ?nite element method for one-dimensional multimedium compressible flow

225. A SP synchronous generation model for statistical machine translation

233. A numerical approach to solving an inverse parabolic problem using finite differential method

Volume 3  Number 2, May 2008  page 81-160

083. Combined Feature Selection and classification – A novel approach for the categorization of web pages

090. A Collaborative Approach for User Profile Capturing in Ubiquitous Environments

097. A Numerical Scheme to Solve Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations System of the Second Kind

104. A Bound Constrained Regularization for Total Variation-Based Image Denoising

111. Inverse Eigenvalue Problem of Generalized Centro-anti-symmetric Matrices

118. Bounds for the extreme eigenvalues using the trace and determinant

125. Computability of the Solution Operator of the Generalized KdV Equation

132. The Nonclassical Symmetries and Group Invariant Solutions of the Boussinesq-Burgers Equation

139. A Smoothing Method with a Smoothing Variable for Second-order Cone Programming

146. A Fuzzy Optimization Method for Multi-criteria Decision-making Problem Based on the Inclusion Degrees of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

153. UPMSM: A Lifecycle Management Model for Ubiquitous Personalized Multimedia Services

Volume 3  Number 1, February 2008  page 1-80

003. Approach Algorithm Research and Theorem Proof Based on Quadratic B-Spline Curves

014. Modeling of Distributed Manufacturing Systems

021. Stochastic Optimization of Distributed Sampling System Placement for Passive Measurement

039. Extended Watchdog Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks

049. Dynamical Behaviors of a new Chaotic System and its Adaptive Control

057. Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind by Power Series

062. Projection Algorithm with Line Search for Solving the Convex Feasibility Problem

079. Permanent: Evaluation by Parallel Algorithm 

073. Hyperchaos Synchronization Between two Different Hyperchaotic Systems

Volume 2  Number 4, November 2007 

243. High-order Difference Methods for Multi-scale Ground Water Flow

252. Secure Information Flow Based on Data Flow Analysis

261. Using Heuristics and Genetic Algorithms for Large-scale Database Query Optimization

281. Adaptive Backstepping Control of the Uncertain Liu Chaotic System

288. Analysis of Stream Cipher Security Algorithm

299. The Computation of a Common Quadratic Lyapunov Function for a Linear Control System

305. A DPLL Algorithm with Literal Renaming Strategy

317. A Two-phase Scheme for Microarray Image Restoration

Volume 2  Number 3, August 2007 

163. Analyzing Authentication in Kerberos-5 Using Distributed Temporal Protocol Logic

172. A Fourth Order Dual Method for Iteration Regularization with H-1 Fidelity Based Denoising

179. Estimating Error Bounds for Non-stationary Binary Subdivision Curves / Surfaces

191. Generating Multivariate Nonnormal Distribution Random Numbers Based on Copula Function

197. High Dimensional and Large Numbers of Data Clustering Method Based Sensitive Subspace

203. Computational Algorithm to Obtain Multiple Positive Solutions for Sublinear Semipositone Problems

209. Eye Location and Eye State Detection in Facial Images with Unconstrained Background

215. Exploiting word positional information in ngram model for Chinese text input method

223. A New Reduction Implementation Based on Concept

228. Towards Designing and Implementing an Expert Network To Manage the Computer Communication Networks

235. Research on RBAC-based Separation of Duty Constraints

Volume 2  Number 2, May 2007 

Special issue on Scientific Computation in Textile Application

085. Nonwovens Uniformity Spatial Characterization

093. A Fuzzy Criterion for Selecting Relevant Process Parameters for the Development of Nonwoven Products

103. Study on Interactive Cloth Simulation Considering Airflow

111. Effect of Different Particle Shapes on the Modelling of Woven Fabric Filtration

119. Using Radial Basis Functions to Solve Geodesics Equations for Body Measurements

127. Innovation and Analysis of Police Riot Helmets with Continuous Textile Reinforcement for Improved Protection

137. Analysis of active PVDF-paper/fabric speaker for Active Noise Control

145. Single Parameter Model Of Minimal Surface Construction For Dynamic Garment Pattern Design

153. Realistic Rendering of Knitwear

Volume 2  Number 1, February 2007 

003. A Modified F-expansion Method for Solving Nonlinear PDEs 

017. Visualization of 2D Data By Rational Quadratic Functions

027. Numerical Methods for Finding Multiple Solutions of a Superlinear Problem 

034. A Computational Algorithm to Obtain Positive Solutions Classes of Competitive Systems 

041. Basic Theory in the New Real Line-scale Rough Function Model 

048. An Algorithm for Evaluating Impact of Requirement Change

055. A Routing Mechanism by Distance-weighted Bloom Filter  

061. Improved Method of the Four-Pole Parameters for Calculating Transmission Loss on Acoustics Silence 

066. Multi-level Sequential Circuit Partitioning for Delay Minimization of VLSI Circuits 

071. The Unconventional Boundary Value Problems and its Superposition Solution  

077. Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient is M-Error-Reducing

Volume 1  Number 5, December 2006

259. Void Vertex Genetic Algorithm for Production-Distribution Supply Chain with GTSP Model

266. XML-RDB Driven Semi-Structure Data Management

275. Contour Line Extraction from Paper-based Topographic Maps

284. Eye Location and Eye State Detection in Facial Images with Unconstrained Background

290. A New Reduction Implementation Based on Concept

295. The Characteristics of Some Kinds of Special Quasirings

303. Product Hybrid Block GMRES for Nonsymmetrical Linear Systems with Multiple Right-hand Sides

311. New Smoothing Iterative Block Methods for Linear Systems with Multiple Right-hand Sides

Volume 1  Number 4, November 2006 

195. On the Properties of Credibility Critical Value Functions

207. Fuzzy Random Homogeneous Poisson Process and Compound Poisson Process

225. Some Theoretical Aspects of the Critical Values of Birandom Variable

235. A Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Fuzzy Dynamic Inventory Problem

245. Heuristic Algorithms for Simultaneously Accepting and Scheduling Advertisements on Broadcast Television

252. Uniform Convergence of Fuzzy Random Sequence

Volume 1  Number 3, August 2006 

131. A Limitation of Ban Logic Analysis on a Man-in-the-middle Attack

139. Variable Learning Rate LMS Based Linear Adaptive Inverse Control

149. Visualization of Data Subject to Positive Constraints

161. An Improved Annealing Algorithm Based on Multi-Agent

168. A Numerical Method for Finding Positive Solution of Dirichlet Problem with a Weight Function

173. Chaos Synchronization of Willis Aneurysm Systems

183. Nonlinear Complementarity Approach to Capacity Allocation Problem in Reserve Markets

189. Dawk Based Active Networks

Volume 1  Number 2, May 2006 

67.  Discretional Array Operations for Secure Information Flow

78.  Slow Manifold Model and Simulation of the Lü system

85.  Two Kinds of Important Numerical Methods for Calculating Periodic Solutions

93.  Feedback Control and Synchronization of Chaos for the Coupled Dynamos Dynamical System

101. Retrieval of Sports Video Clips Using Audio-Visual Features and Text Information

110. Simpler Hybrid GMRES

115. Hierarchical Support Vector Machines for Audio Classification

119. Security Downgrading Policies for Practical Software

125. The Preconditioned Simultaneous Displacement Method for Linear Complementarity Problems

Volume 1  Number 1, February 2006 

 3.   New Lower Bound of Critical Function for (k, s)-SAT

11.   A Global Property of Restarted FOM Algorithm

21.   Fairing of Parametric Quintic Splines

29.   Predictor-Corrector Method for Total Variation Based Image Denoising

37.   Component-Level Reduction Rules for Time Petri Nets Based on DTPN

47.   Asymptotic Iterative Approximation of Intellectualized Periodic Interpolating Spline and its Application

53.   Image Inpainting Based on Smooth Level Lines

61.   A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Bin Packing Problem Based on Item Sequencing

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