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Volume 16  Number 4, November 2020  page 241-320

243.   Multi-attribute evaluation of air traffic safety control based on hesitant fuzzy judgments

Xinyu Du, Qi Zhang, Li Zou

273.   Water-environment efficiency evaluation using data envelopment analysis with principal components analysis: a case study of Tuojiang River basin

Rui Chen, Zhongwen Xu

288.   Optimal control measures to combat COVID-19 spread in Sri Lanka: a mthematical model considering the heterogeneity of cases

WPTM Wickramaarachchi, SSN Perera

308.   Mathematical modelling of the control of methane emissions caused by rice paddies and human activities: Effects of mitigation options

Shyam Sundar, Ashish Kumar Mishra, Ram Naresh, J B Shukla

Volume 16  Number 3, August 2020  page 161-240

163.  Heat transfer flow of a third grade fluid between parallel plates studied by Variational Iteration Method

Youness Filali, Mustapha Er-Riani, Mustapha El Jarroudi

175.  ModellingandNumericalSimulationonFiveSpeciesSynEco-SystemwithLimitedResources

Bitla Hari Prasad

186.  Effective Investigation of Ejective Hole Sizes on Fluid Jets and Droplets Creation 

Van Quang Nguyen

195.  Mission Designation Cooperative Unmanned Vehicles via Optimized Auction Based Algorithms

Ahmed T. Hafez

207.  Study on a New Method of Fracturing Through the Existing Screens for Polymer Injectors in BohaiBay, China

Pingli Liu, Liqiang Zhao, Yigang Liu, Xianghai Meng, Jian Zou, Changlong Liu

216.  Effect of Roof Type and Distance on External Conditions between Two successive Agricultural Structures Mounded on the Wind Tunnel-A Numerical Study

Vassilios Fragos

Volume 16 Number 2, May 2020  page 81-160

083.  Numerical Investigation of Transonic High-Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Compressor

Amjid Khan, Muftooh U. Siddiqi, Faraz Ahmad

096.  A Study of Prey-Predator Model with Stage-Structure in Predator

Raid Kamel Naji, Salam Jasim Majeed

108.  Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Dynamics of Nipah Virus Disease 

Naba Kumar Goswami

120.  Investigation on Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Considering Solar Photovoltaic System

C Dinakaran

138.  Infinitely Many Solutions to Fractional Elliptic System with Sobolev Critical Exponents in RN

Jing Li

152.  Hardware Simulation of Cooperative Rear-End Collision-Avoidance System using Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Bulan Fatimah Rahmat, Didin Saefudin, Dwi Hendratmo Widyantoro

Volume 16  Number 1, February 2020  page 1-80

003.  A Miniaturized Implantable Monopole Antenna Design for Kidney Cancer Detection

Amal Bouazizi, Ghada Zaibi, Amjad Iqbal, Abdul Basir, Mounir Samet, Abdennaceur Kachouri

011.  Reliability Analysis of a New k-out-of-n: G Model

M. A. El-Damcese, M. S. Shama

026.  Whale Optimization Algorithms-based PI controllers of STATCOM for Renewable Hybrid Power System

Mohammed I. Mosaad

041.  Numerical modeling of the effect baffle inclination angle on flow and heat transfer along a horizontal channel

Amghar Kamal, Louhibi Mohamed Ali, Salhi Najim, Salhi Merzouk

053.  Modeling Pneumonic Plague Caused by Yersinia pestis in the Environment

Rigobert C. Ngeleja, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Verdiana Grace Masanja

Volume 15  Number 4, November 2019  page 241-320

243.   Modelling and Simulation of Heat Transfer through the Finned Hollow Cylindrical Surfaces of an Insulation Testing Rig

Stephen Ndubuisi Nnamchi, Onyinyechi Adanma Nnamchi, Martins Onyekwelu Onuorah, Emmanuel Olayimika Sangotayo and Vincent Gabriel

262.   An epidemiological model of corruption with immunity clause in Nigeria

Reuben Iortyer Gweryina, Muhammadu Yahaya Kura, Emmanuel Okwu

276.   A Remark on Functional Sensitivity

Stanislaw Raczynski

287.   Identification and Control of MIMO Systems using Time Moments in Delta Domain

Arindam Mondal, Prasanta Sarkar

302.   Two Stage Smooth Path Planning for Mobile Robot for Optimal Obstacle Avoidance Problem in Unknown Environment

Md. Abdul Alim Sheikh, Alok Kole, Tanmoy Maity

Volume 15  Number 3, August 2019  page 161-240

163.  A Prediction Model for High School Students’ Academic Performance in College Based on Machine Learning

Xinyu Du

170.  Analysis of a drug abuse model with a piecewise defined treatment function

J. Mushanyu

187.  Design and Analysis of a Disc Brake Rotor for Optimal Performance in Racings 

Nida. Naveed, M. Alfadhi

201.  Simulations and Modeling of Vehicle Dynamics and Aerodynamics within a teaching and learning environment

Albert Boretti, Andrew Ordys, Sarim Al-Zubaidy

213.  Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers with S-Shaped Turbulators

Younes Menni, Ali J. Chamkha, Ahmed Azzi, Boumédiène Benyoucef

228.  Optimal Control Analysis of a Sex-structured HIV/AIDS Model

S. Athithan

Volume 15 Number 2, May 2019  page 81-160

083.  Investigation of active intelligent shock absorber system performance for oscillation control of quarter aircraft model during touchdown phase

Milad Zarchi, Behrooz Attaran

095.  Effect of dynamic shape factor in alveolar region as a filtration media

Jyoti Kori, Pratibha

106.  Slow steady rotation of an axially symmetric micropolar fluid sphere in a nonconcentric newtonian spherical container 

M. Krishna Prasad, G. Manpreet Kaur

116.  Obstacle avoidance of a humanoid mobile robot based on multi-sensor information

R. Singh, T.K. Bera

128.  Predictive dynamics of infectious diseases–a new technique

P. Raja Sekhara Rao, K. Venkata Ratnam, M. Sita Rama Murthy

140.  The internet of thing (IOT) and industrial automation: a future perspective

Debasish Mondal

150.  A numerical flow characteristic study of a hybrid diffuser and estimation of its effective length

Ashim Guha, Dipak Kumar Mandal, Nirmal Kumar Manna, Somnath Chakrabarti

Volume 15  Number 1, February 2019  page 1-80

003.  Optimal Vaccination Control and Free optimal time for a General SEIR-Epidemic Model

Mustapha Lhous, Mostafa Rachik, Abdelilah Larrache

012.  Modeling the role of media awareness programs on the spread of HIV/AIDS

Agraj Tripathi, Ram Naresh

025.  Modelling and Simulation of Evacuation Dynamics in Fire by Cellular Automata Mode

Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Yuuki Takeuchi

033.  A New Modification of Adomian Decomposition Method for Nonlinear Fractional-Order Volterra Integro-Differential Equations

Shivaji Tate, H. T. Dinde

042.  Numerical modeling of the effect baffle inclination angle on flow and heat transfer along a horizontal channel

Amghar Kamal, Louhibi Mohamed Ali, Salhi Najim, Salhi Merzouki

053.  Development of Hybrid Control Algorithm for Improvement of performance of Semi-Active Suspension System

Ashish Gupta, Nilanjan Bharadwaj, Shreyansh Upadhyaya, Shreyansh Upadhyaya

064.  Simulation of a Nonlinear Controller for Solar Photovoltaic Applications

Subashini M, Ramaswamy M

078.  Numerical Study of Heat Losses in a Large - Scale Laboratory Furnace

Mpoung L´eon Arnaud, Epesse Misse Samuel Eugne, Obounou Akong Marcel Brice


Volume 14  Number 4, November 2018  page 241-320

243.   Numerical Solution of Acoustic Wave Equation Using Method of Lines

Maheshwar Pathak and Pratibha Joshi

257.   Simulation of human powered flywheel motor energized process machine through electrical cum electronic analog circuit and its mathematical modelling

Punam U. Chati, Mahesh Bundele and J.P.Modak

265.   Numerical modeling of the effect baffle inclination angle on flow and heat transfer along a horizontal channel

Amghar Kamal, Louhibi Mohamed Ali, Salhi Najim and Salhi Merzouki

276.   Load balancing algorithm to minimize the makespan time in cloud environment

Mohit Kumar and S.C.Sharma

289.   Adaptive Routing Model in Wireless Sensor Network

Ajanta Das, Siba Mitra

298.   Modeling the Impact of Screening and Treatment on the Dynamics of Typhoid Fever

Nkuba Nyerere, Saul C. Mpeshe, Stephen Edward

307.   Sensitivity Analysis and Optimal Control Model of Ebola Virus Disease with Contact Tracing

Chinwendu Emilian Madubueze, Anende Richard Kimbir, Terhemen Aboiyar

Volume 14  Number 3, August 2018  page 161-240

163.  Nehari-type of solutions for a class of N-Laplacian equations in RN

Jing Li

174.  Static Analysis of Stress Concentration and Elastic Follow-Up of Two Typical Power Plant Pipes with Structural Discontinuity

Nasir Hasan Sk, Sushovan Chaterjee

181.  Effect of environmental variation in a prey-predator fishery with harvesting in presence of toxicity

Partha Ghosh, Pritha Das, Debasis Mukherjee

192.  Modelling and Estimation of Climatic Variable using Time Series Trigonometric Analysis

T .O. Olatayo,A. I. Taiwo, A. A. Oyewole

199.  The Muntz-Legendre Tau method for Weakly singular Volterra integral equations

Ali Tahmasbi, Behruz Mortazavi

209.  A Novel Sensorless control scheme for BLDC motors used in Electric Vehicle

Jestin Jayan, Febin Daya J.L, Mohan Krishna S

217.  Performance enhancement of PID controller for ball and beam system

K. Poomani, S. Sathiyavathi

225.  Modelling and simulation of micropolar fluid flow with variable viscosity through unhealthy artery

J. V. Ramana Reddy, D Srikanth

Volume 14 Number 2, May 2018  page 81-160

083.  Numerical simulation of electron beam-induced dielectric charging using advanced computational scheme for solving semilinear reaction-diffusion equation

Anna Pavelchuk, Anna Maslovskaya

090.  Mathematical modelling of Tuberculosis in a logistically growing human population with optimal control

Fatmawati, Ahmadin

100.  Numerical study of swimming of an organism in a viscous fluid in a channel 

Ranjith Maniyeri, Sangmo Kang

108.  Computational fluid dynamical analysis of turbulent heat transfer in a channel fitted with staggered V-Shaped baffles

Younes Menni, Ahmed Azzi

124.  On the influence of magnetic field on darcy mixed convection from a horizontal plate in a nanofluid saturated porous medium

B. V. Rathish Kumar, Priti Kumari Mohit Nigam Vinay Kumar S.V.S.S.N.V.G. Krishna Murthy Shweta Raturi Meena Pargaei Abdul Halim

136.  Power flow control strategy for a three-phase four-leg voltage source inverter in a microgrid

Mohammad Reza Miveh, Shahrokh Akhlaghi, Amirreza Naderipour, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek, Alireza Rezvani

144.  Optimal control applied in a within-host HIV model

Aida Mojaver, Hossein Kheiri

Volume 14  Number 1, February 2018  page 1-80

003.  Molecular Structure, Mulliken charges, HOMO-LUMO, Electrostatic Potential and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Zwitterionic 6-methyl-2-oxo-3-[1-(ureidoiminio)ethyl]-2H-pyran-4-olate monohydrate molecule by HF and DFT methods

Nadia Benhalima, Amel Djedouani, Rachida Rahmani, Abdelkader Chouaih Fodil Hamzaoui, El Hadj Elandaloussi

012.  The Projected Thermal Attributes And Energy Saving Potential Of Green Fac¸ade Draped Multi-Storied Cuboid Buildings At Major Indian Cities: An Ecotect Analysis

Jacob Thottathil Varghese, Sat Ghosh, Anshul S. Garg, Raghav Manchanda Akhil Afsan Prathyusha Meka

021.  Optimization of the Flow-induced Crystallization Viscoelastic Melt Spinning Processes with respect to Processing Conditions

SSN Perera

030.  The effect of vaccination and treatment of measles disease described by a fractional order model

I. Ameen

039.  Automated Teller Machine Analysis under Host-Bank Systems through Telephone Network

Kuldeep Nagiya, Mangey Ram

050.  LCPI method to find optimal solutions of nonlinear programming problems

M.H. Noori Skandari, M. Ghaznavi

058.  Integration of Solar PV, Grid and Critical Load using Multi-functional Droop control without Battery Storage

M. Satyanarayana

068.  Investigation of A Novel Single Carrier Based Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Techniques for Cascaded Multi level Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive

Ravikumar Bhukya, P. Satish kumar


Volume 13  Number 4, November 2017  page 241-320

243.   Simulation and optimum design of cold chain logistics storage process

Xudong Chen, Meng Qin

251.   Using alfa natural fiber for optimizing the shear damage to the fiber matrix interface of hybrid composites materials by genetic algorithm

Z.Zeddour M.B, A.Mokaddem, A. Boudali, B.Doumi, A.Boutaous, N. Beldjoudi

258.   Study of loop antenna for ECG application using surface impedance concept

Khaoula Tayari, Houda Werfelli, Mohamed Salah Karoui, Mondher Chaoui, Hamadi Ghariani, MongiLahiani

268.   Finite element simulation of machining of an aerospace alloy

Seshadri R, Naveen I, Sharan Srinivasan, Viswasubrahmanyam M, Vijay Sekar K S, Pradeep Kumar M

278.   A comparative study of a novel shape dual-band wearable antenna on different types of artificial ground Planes

Omar. A Saraereh, Nidal Qasem, Saqer S. Alja’afreh, Qais H. Alsafasfeh

292.   The global stable with bifurcation of parasitic diseases model

Xueyong Zhou, Ahmed A. Mohsen

313.   Prototype design of power factor correction circuit for transmission lines using Thyristor switched capacitor scheme

Kaibalya Prasad Panda, Soumyakanta Samantaray, Sreyasee Rout

Volume 13  Number 3, August 2017  page 161-240

163.  Mathematical modeling on ecosystem consisting of two hosts and one commensal with mortality rate for the first and third species

B. Hari Prasad

173.  A formal verification and simulation of common criteria recognition arrangement (CCRA)

Mohd Anuar Mat Isa and Ramlan Mahmod and Nur Izura Udzir and Jamalul-lail Ab Manan and Ali Dehghantanha and Solahuddin Shamsuddin

183.  Modelling the spread of HIV and AIDS epidemic trends in male and female populations

Ofosuhene O. Apenteng, Noor Azina Ismail

193.  Computer Aided Assessment of Contaminant Transport in Landfill

Eric Wooi Kee Loh, Deprizon Syamsunur, Md. Munir Hayet Khanand Deepak Tirumishi Jada

200.  Multiphase interleaved boost DC/DC converter for fuel cell/battery powered electric vehicles

Ahmed Medhat M. Youssef

212.  Connecting bolt constraint based design parameter optimisation of vibrating transmission gearbox housing using RSM

Ashwani Kumar, Himanshu Jaiswal, Pravin P Patil

219.  Modeling the impact of vertical transmission in vectors on the dynamics of dengue fever

Nkuba Nyerere, Alex X. Matofali, Saul C. Mpeshe, Stephen Edward

228.  A detailed review on self propelled safety monitoring system using can protocol

K. Elangovan , K. Selvaraj

Volume 13 Number 2, May 2017  page 81-160

083.  A fuzzy linear regression model for identifying risk factors of coronary heart disease

Lazim Abdullah

094.  Efficiency optimization of induction motor drive at steady-state using artificial neural network

Prashant Kumar Choudhary, Satya Prakash Dubey

105.  Femtocell network optimization applying vertical handoff algorithm 

Joydev Ghosh, Sanjay Dhar Roy

113.  Numerical modelling of transport time scales within Nador lagoon (Morocco)

Mohammed Jeyar1, Elmiloud Chaabelasri1, Najim Salhi1, Alistair G. L. Borthwick, Imad Elmahi

123.  Modelling and simulation of high step up interleaved DC-DC converter for stand-alone PV system

B. Sri Revathi , M. Prabhakar

133.  Modification of homotopy perturbation method for solving system of integro-differential equations

Ali Tahmasebi, Amir Fodian

143.  Buck-boost converter as power factor correction controller for plug-in electric vehicles and battery charging application

Chirag P. Mehta, Balamurugan P.

151.  MHD peristaltic flow of blood through porous medium with slip effect in the presence of body acceleration

K. Elangovan , K. Selvaraj

Volume 13  Number 1, February 2017  page 1-80

003.  Carotid artery stenosis pre-assessment by relationship derived from two-dimensional patient-specific model and throat velocity ratio

Arpapan Prakobkarn, Natee Ina, Sakchai Saeheng, Surapong Chatpun

012.  Prediction of air pollution in Changchun based on OSR method

Shuai Fu, Yong Jiang, Shiqi Xu, Kai Zhao, Yi Jiang

019.  Optimization and modelling of time structure by simulation and planning software

Darina Dupl´akov´a, Jozef Hus´ar

027.  Control action simulation for industrial boiler performance analysis

Susmita Das, Sourajit Ghosh, Biswarup Neogi, Amira S. Ashour, Nilanjan Dey

037.  New iterative method: an application for solving nonlinear fractional-order Volterra Integro-differential equations

Shivaji Tate, H. T. Dinde

045.  Modelling of pulse thermography for defect detection in aluminium structures: Assessment on reflection and transmission measurement

Ranjit Shrestha, Wontae Kim

052.  Damage detection and identification in beam structure using modal data and wavelets

Shivasharanayya swamy, D Mallikarjuna Reddy, Jaya Prakash G

066.  Gray level image enhancement using nature inspired optimization algorithm: An objective based approach

Kotte Sowjanya, P. Rajesh Kumar

Volume 12  Number 4, November 2016  page 241-320

243.   Torque transmitted by the nematic liquid crystal to the faceted nanoparticles

Shivkumar Bale

259.   Modelling and minimization of losses for brushless DC (BLDC) motor suitable for electricvehicular applications

Tridibesh Nag, Subhendu B. Santra, Arunava Chatterjee, Debashis Chatterjee, Ashoke K. Ganguli

268.   Effect of hall and ion slip on peristaltic blood flow of Eyring Powell fluid in a non-uniform porous channel

M. M. Bhatti, M. Ali Abbas, M. M. Rashidi

281.   Design methodology for torque-angle control of a non-linear vector controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor

Pilla Ramana, Karlapudy Alice Mary, Munagala Surya Kalavathi

292.   Analysis of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor with modified direct torque control using fuzzy logic controller

N. Krishna Kumari, G, Tulasiram Das, M. P. Soni

307.   Analysis of a simple influenza a (H1N1) model with optimal control

Akhil Kumar Srivastav, Mini Ghosh

Volume 12  Number 3, August 2016  page 161-240

163.   Torque ripple minimization of direct torque controlled four phase switched reluctance motor using artificial intelligent controller

Pushparajesh Viswanathan, Manigandan Thathan

175.   The dynamics of prey-predator model with a reserved zone

Raid Kamel Naji, Shireen R. Jawad

189.   Use of membrane algorithms for solving constrained engineering design problems

Garima Singh , Kusum Deep

204.   Numerical solution of linear Fredholm-Volterra integro-differential equations of fractional order

Yadollah Ordokhani , Haniye Dehestani

207.   A novel approach for mitigating the effects of the TCP SYN flood DDoS attacks

Mitko Bogdanoski1, Aleksandar Toshevski, Dimitar Bogatinov, Marjan Bogdanoski

231.   Hierarchical management of power grid material suppliers based on analytic ierarchy process

Liangjian Jiang, Huining Hu, Ye Wang

Volume 12 Number 2, May 2016  page 81-160

083.  Delay induced oscillation in a nutrient-plant-herbivore system with plant toxicity

Debasis Mukherjee

096.  Modelling the role of awareness and screening of infectives in the transmission dynamics of HIV

Navjot Kaur, Mini Ghosh, S. Bhatia

111.  uning of PID controller for LFC of two area power system (PV-diesel) using bio-inspired optimization algorithms 

Satish Kumar Injeti

124.  A logic based protection scheme for six phase transmission system against shunt and series faults

G. Chandra Sekhar, P. S. Subramanyam

136.  Mathematical analysis of HIV model with two saturated rates, CTL and antibody responses

Youssef Tabit, Adil Meskaf, Karam Allali

146.  Magnetic effects on pulsatile flow of micropolar fluid through a bifurcated artery

D. Srinivasacharya, G. Madhava Rao

Volume 12  Number 1, February 2016  page 1-80

003.  Ant colony optimization algorithm based PID controller for LFC of single area power system with non-linearity and boiler dynamics

Jagatheesan Kaliannan, Anand Baskaran, Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour

015.  Adaptive MDS-based algorithm for dynamic routing optimization in advanced traveler information systems

Mostafa K. Ardakani

024.  RBFNN based GSA for optimizing TCSC parameters and location- A secured optimal power flow approach

Sheila Mahapatra, A. N. Jha, B. K. Panigrahi

034.  A mathematical model to study the simultaneous effect of pollutants emitted from wood and non-wood based industries on forest resources

Abhinav Tandon, Kumari Jyotsna

048.  Reliability evaluation of a repairable system under fuzziness

Kalika Patrai, Indu Uprety

059.  Two-dimensional flow of a Jeffery fluid in a dilating and squeezing porous channel

Naveed Ahmed, Umar Khan, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

070.  Two dimensional model of pulsatile flow of a dusty fluid through a tube with axisymmetric constriction

Anju Saini, V.K. Katiyar, M. Parida

Volume 11  Number 4, November 2015  page 241-320

243.   A random multi-objective model on integrated logistics

Xiaoyang Zhou

256.   A new numerical method based on Daftardar-Gejji and Jafari Technique for solving differential equations

Jayvant Patade, Sachin Bhalekar

272.   A simulation-based assessment of a prospective sewer master plan

Esra Aleisa, Abrar Al-Jadi, Sarah Al-Sabah

282.   Temporal-spatial analyses of the geomagnetic field in China based on IGRF12

Yi Jiang, Yong Jiang, Yan Feng, Baojia Liu, Kai Zhao, Shuai Fu, Hanyu Chen

291.   Instantaneous frequency estimation of non-stationary signals in a finitely correlated environment using a decorrelating time-varying autoregressive model

G.Ravi Shankar Reddy, Rameshwar Rao

308.   The modified Kudryashov method for solving some seventh order nonlinear PDEs in mathematical physics

E. M. E. Zayed, K. A. E. Alurrfi

Volume 11  Number 3, August 2015  page 161-240

163.   Deep ocean currents energy resources--A case study of Australia

Albert Parker

174.   Stability, bifurcations and chaotic dynamics in a delayed hybrid tri-trophic food chain model with Holling type-II and Leslie-Gower type functional responses

Chandrima Banerjee, Pritha Das, A. B. Roy

199.   Revenue management based hospital appointment scheduling

Xiaoyang Zhou, Canhui Zhao

208.   A 2-D numerical study on flow characteristics for four different types annular dump combustor models

Tridibesh Das, Somnath Chakrabarti

219.   Modelling HSV-2 transmission dynamics with risk factor

Adequate Mhlanga, Steady Mushayabasa, Claver Pedzisai Bhunu

Volume 11 Number 2, May 2015  page 81-160

083.  Energy comparative analysis of MPPT techniques for PV system using interleaved soft-switching boost converter

M. Muthuramalingam, P. S. Manoharan

094.  Approximate analytical solutions of Newell-Whitehead-Segel equation using a new iterative method

Jayvant Patade, Sachin Bhalekar

104.  The (G’/G, 1/G)-expansion method and its applications for constructing the exact solutions of the nonlinear Zoomeron equation

Elsayed Zayed, S. A. Hoda Ibrahim

111.  Optimal control of tuberculosis with case detection and treatment

S. Athithan, Mini Ghosh

123.  Modelling and optimal power control for permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbine system connected to utility grid with fault conditions

Youssef Errami, Mohammed Ouassaid, Mohamed Maaroufi

136.  On a distribution function and reliability parameters of busy period for pump stations during continuos operation

Asaf Hajiyev, Yasin Rustamov

145.  Modeling and simulation of dispersed two-phase flows of bubbles, drops and particles

Madhukant Sharma, B.V.Rathish Kumar, Vivek Sangwan, S.K.Murthy

Volume 11  Number 1, February 2015  page 1-80

003.  Modelling herd behavior of prey: analysis of a prey-predator model

S. P. Bera, A. Maiti, G. P. Samanta

015.  Positive solutions for a class of chemically reacting systems with sign-changing weights

S. H. Rasouli, B. Salehi

020.  Dynamics of a cardiovascular model obtaining measurable pulsatile pressure output

Aurelio A. de los Reyes V

033.  Numerical simulation of gas flow through a biofilter in lung tissues

Anju Saini, V. K. Katiyar, Pratibha

043.  Numerical study of heat transfer in a finned double pipe heat exchanger

Shiva Kumar, K. Vasudev Karanth, Krishna Murthy

055.  Simulation of sensor failure accommodation in flight control system of transport aircraft: a modular approach

Seema Singh, T. V. Rama Murthy

069.  Long endurance hybrid fuel cell-battery powered UAV

Karim N. Mobariz, Ahmed M. Youssef, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman

Volume 10  Number 4, November 2014  page 241-320

243.   Hybrid solar-wind-hydro renewable energy system

G. Lakshmi, P. V. V. Rama Rao, Y. T. R. Palleswari

252.   Design of Neuro-Fuzzy inference distributed power flow controller for transient stability improvement

G. Madhusudhana Rao, V. Anwesha Kumar, B. V. Sankar Ram

261.   Improved QOS in wireless sensor networks deployed for health monitoring of plant operators

P. S. Raghavendran, R. Asokan

273.   A dynamical model for the spread of cholera near an aquatic reservoir

Anulekha Samadder (Tapadar), Koushik Ghosh, Kripasindhu Chaudhuri

280.   Modeling and control of split capacitor type elementary additional series positive output super lift Luo converter

T. S. Saravanan, R. Seyezhai, V.Venkatesh

293.   CFD simulation for the feasibility study of a modified solar chimney applied for building space heating

Shiv Lal

308.   Unsteady squeezing flow of a casson fluid between parallel plates

Umar Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Sheikh Irfanullah Khan, Saima Bano, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-din

Volume 10  Number 3, August 2014  page 161-240

163.   Stability analysis of a novel VEISV propagation model of computer worm attacks

M. Javidi, N. Nyamorady

175.   Conductor selection optimization in radial distribution system considering load growth using MDE algorithm

Belal Mohamadi Kalesar

185.   Extension of the analysis of the MISR model by applying the laplace-adomian decomposition method

P. Mafuta, J. Mushanyu, G. Nhawu

193.   Space vector pulse width modulation of three-phase DCMLI with neuro-fuzzy MPPT for photovoltaic system

M. Valan Rajkumar, P. S. Manoharan

206.   A simple model based control of self excited induction generators over a wide speed range

Krishna Roy, Arunava Chatterjee, Debashis Chatterjee and Ashoke Kumar Ganguli

215.   Dynamics of an HIV pathogenesis model with CTL immune response and two saturated rates

Youssef Tabit, Khalid Hattaf, Noura Yousfi

224.   Youssef Tabit, Khalid Hattaf, Noura Yousfi

P.V.V. Rama Rao, P. Devi Kiran, A. Phani Kumar

231.   Simulation study of dispatching rules in stochastic job shop dynamic scheduling

Edna Barbosa da Silva, Michele Goncalves Costa, Marilda F´atima de Souza da Silva, Fabio Henrique Pereira

Volume 10 Number 2, May 2014  page 81-160

083.  Inverse optimal control of hyperchaotic finance system

Changzhong Chen, Tao Fan, Bangrong Wang

092.  Combined effect of fuzzy logic controller and optimized voltage vector in torque ripple reduction of direct torque  controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor

Sivaprakasam Arumugam, Manigandan Thathan

108.  A wear study on plasma transferred arc hardfaced structural steel with titanium carbide

S. Balamurugan, N. Murugan

116.  Statistical framework for ns-3: terminating simulation and regression analysis

Aleksandar Milenkoski, Biljana Stojcevska, Oliver Popov

126.  Design and analysis of a spherical pressure vessel using finite element method

Amir Afkar, Majid Nouri Camari, Amin Paykani

136.  An integrated simulation and data envelopment analysis in improving SME food production system

Ruzanita Mat Rani, Wan Rosmanira Ismail, Izzaamirah Ishak

148.  Note on "Optimal control of vaccination and treatment for an SIR epidemiological model-Vol. 8(2012) No. 3, pp. 194-204"

Anuj Kumar

152.  Design and analysis of pump impeller using SWFS

R. Ragoth Singh, M. Nataraj

Volume 10  Number 1, February 2014  page 1-80

003.  Balanced adaptive simulation of pollutant transport in Bay of Tangier (Morocco)

Elmiloud Chaabelasru, Alistair George Liam Borthwick, Najim Salhi, Imad Elmahi

020.  Improvement on delay dependent absolute stability of Lurie control systems with multiple time-delays and nonlinearities

Daryoush Behmardi-Sharifabad, Soheila Dehghan-Chenari

027.  Promising technique for analytic treatment of nonlinear fifth-order equations

Masoud Saravi, Ali Nikkar

034.  Linear state feedback stabilization of unified hyperchaotic systems

Hualing Niu, Shuhua Ma, Tao Fan, Changzhong Chen, Ping He

049.  Numerical simulation of effects of machining parameters and tool geometry using DEFORM-3D: Optimization and experimental validation

T. Tamizharasan, N. Kumar Senthil

060.  Synchronization of non-identical fractional order hyperchaotic systems using active control

Sachin Bhalekar

069.  A new modified quadrature method for solving linear weakly singular integral equations

Jafar Saberi-Nadjafi, Mahdi Heidari

Volume 9  Number 4, November 2013  page 241-320

243.   A new adsorption isotherm model of aqueous solutions on granular activated carbon

Hossein Shahbeig, Nafiseh Bagheri, Sohrab Ali Ghorbanian, Ahmad Hallajisani, Sara Poorkarimi

255.   The Nehari manifold for quasilinear equation with Robin boundary condition

Somaye Khademloo, Mobina Kardoost

262.   Solution of singular two point boundary value problems with forcing function in integral form via differential transform method

Kirubanandam Aruna, Adivi Sri Venkata Ravi Kanth

269.   Water-gel growth: simulation & modeling exercise

Priyadarshi Majumdar

277.   Lattice boltzmann simulation of laminar flow in a three-dimensional two-sided lid-driven cavity

Arumuga Perumal

289.   Approximate solution of linear integro-differential equations by using modified Taylor expansion method

Jalil Rashidinia, Ali Tahmasebi

302.   'Transmission dynamics of trichomoniasis in bisexuals' without the 'E'

Phillip Mafuta, Josiah Mushanyu, Steady Mushayabasa, Claver P. Bhunu

Volume 9  Number 3, August 2013  page 161-240

163.   Free convection modeling over a vertical flat plate embedded in saturated porous medium with a variable heat source and radiation flux

Driss Achemlal, Mohammed Sriti, Mohamed El Haroui, Mohammed Guedda

173.   Coupling of laplace transform and correction functional for wave equations

Afshan Kanwal, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

181.   Transient scattering by conductor bodies: A comparison of Time-Domain computational methods

Ravi Srinivasa Rao, Potluri Venkata Subbaiah, Bhima Prabhakara Rao

192.   A mathematical model of epidemiology in presence of vaccination for the spread of contagious diseases transmitting without vector

Anulekha Samadder (Tapadar), Koushik Ghosh, Kripasindhu Chaudhuri

201.   Stock prices and inflation: relationship revisited

Sangeeta Chakravarty, Arup Mitra

216.   Dual-phase-lag heat equation of fractional order of heat transfer within microscale region

Vineet Srivastava

223.   Optimized PID tracking controller for piezoelectric hysteretic actuator model

Ahmed Medhat Mohamed Youssef

235.   The antenna analysis of insect antennae

Ali Abdolali, Hossein Hasanzade, Mohammad Mahdi Salary

Volume 9 Number 2, May 2013  page 81-160

083.  Simulation and Experimental Based Four Switch Three Phase Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive

Nalin Kant Mohanty, Ranganath Muthu

089.  New Iterative Method for Time-Fractional Schrödinger Equations

Ambreen Bibi, Abid Kamran, Umer Hayat, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

096.  A SIR Model for Spread of Dengue Fever Disease (Simulation for South Sulawesi, Indonesia and Selangor, Malaysia

Syafruddin Side, Salmi Md Noorani

106.  Power Supply Line Loss Decrease with System Dynamics Simulation and Scenarios Analysis

Yan Sui, Jiuping Xu, Huan Zheng, Liming Yao

120.  Numerical Chaotic Behavior of the Fractional Rikitake System

Mohammad Javidi, Nemat Nyamoradi

130.  Limits to Control of Ship Capsize Using Cycloidal Propellers Compared to Active Fins

Anthony Sydney White

139.  Numerical Behavior of a Fractional Order HIV/AIDS Epidemic Model

Mohammad Javidi, Nemat Nyamoradi

150.  F1 2014: Turbocharged and Downsized Ice and Kers Boost

Albert Boretti

Volume 9  Number 1, February 2013  page 1-80

003.  He’s semi-inverse method for soliton solutions of Boussinesq system

H. Kheir, A. Jabbari, A. Yildirim, A. K. Alomari

014.  Applications of simulation in maintenance research

Abdullah A. Alabdulkarim, Peter D. Ball, Ashutosh Tiwari

038.  On the numerical solutions to nonlinear biochemical reaction model using Picard-Pad´e technique

Mohamed Meabed Khader

047.  Modelling and control of 4WD parallel split hybrid electric vehicle converted from a conventional vehicle

Mui’nuddin Maharun, Masri Bin Baharom, Mohd Syaifuddin Mohd

059.  Direct torque control of induction motor fed by two level inverter using space vector pulse width modulation

Y. Srinivasa Kishore Babu, G. Tulasi Ram Das

068.  Traffic network design problem with uncertain demand: A multi-stage bi-level programming approach

Yongchuan Pan, Jiuping Xu

074.  Optimal decision in fuzzy NLP EOQ model for a single item and dynamic setup cost with space constraint

Monalisha Pattnaik

Volume 8  Number 4, November 2012  page 241-320

243.   Analysis of a Model for the Dynamics of Hepatitis B with Noncytolytic Loss of Infected Cells

Cruz Vargas-De-León

260.   Optimum Speed Power Turbine to Recover the Exhaust Energy of Compression Ignition Diesel and Gas Engines

Alberto Boretti

271.   3D Simulation-Based Research on the Effect of Interconnect Structures on Circuit Reliability

Feifei He, Cher Ming Tan

285.   Bifurcation and Stability Analysis of a Prey-predator System with a Reserved Area

Debasis Mukherjee

293.   An Implementation of the 2-Point Block Arithmetic Mean Iterative Method for First Kind Linear Fredholm Integral Equations

Mohana Sundaram Muthuvalu, Jumat Sulaiman

302.   Simulation of Impulse Voltage Generator and Impulse Testing of Insulator using MATLAB Simulink

Ramleth Sheeba, Madhavan Jayaraju, and Thangal Kunju Nediyazhikam Shanava

310.   Finite Element Modeling for Electric Field and Voltage Distribution along the Polluted Polymeric Insulator

Chinnusamy Muniraj and, Subramaniam Chandrasekar

Volume 8  Number 3, August 2012  page 161-240

163.   Alternate treatments of jacobian singularities in polar coordinates within finite-difference schemes

Alexys Bruno-Alfonso, Luben Cabezas-G'omez, Helio Aparecido Navarro

172.   High fidelity modelling and simulation of inertial sensors commonly used by autonomous mobile robots

Phillip Jefferson Durst, Christopher Goodin

185.   Direct torque control of 4 phase 8/6 switched reluctance motor drive for constant torque load

Srinivas Pratapgiri, Prasad Polaki Venkata Narsimha

194.   Optimal control of vaccination and treatment for an SIR epidemiological model

Tunde Tajudeen Yusuf, Francis Benyah

218.   Filter design using multi-bragg reflectors

Fairuz Diyana Ismail, Muhammad Safwan Aziz, Chat Teeka, Jalil  Ali, Preecha Phromphan Yupapin

211.   Planning and operation of active radial distribution networks for improved voltage stability and loss reduction

Satish Kumar Injeti, Navuri Prema Kumar

223.   Adaptive hybrid synchronization of the complex dynamical network with non-derivative and derivative coupling

Yuhua Xu, Wuneng Zhou, Jianan Fang, Ling Pan, Wen Sun

231.   Lumped parameter electromagnetic modelling approach for transient analysis in EHV transformers

Dilip Debnath, Abhinandan De, Abhijit Chakrabarti

Volume 8  Number 2, May 2012  page 81-160

083.  Hydromagnetic viscous flow in a rotating annular high-porosity medium with nonlinear forchheimer drag effects: numerical study

Osman Anwar Beg, Oluwole Daniel Makinde, Joaquin Zueco and Swapan, Swapan Kumar Ghosh

096.  Free flexural vibration analysis of stiffened plates with general elastic boundary supports

Dayi Ou, Cheuk Ming Mak

103.  Vibration analysis of multi-rotor system through extended Lagrangian formalism

Chandan Kumar, Vikas Rastogi

111.  Comparison and coupling of polynomials for singular fourth-order parabolic PDES

Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din, Ahmet Yildirim, Farah Jabeen

124.  A mathematical analysis of alcoholism

Claver Pedzisai Bhunu

135.  Improving local and regional earthquake locations using an advance inversion Technique: Particle swarm optimization

Kusum Deep, Anupam Yadav, Sushil Kumar

142.  Solving the Lienard equation by differential transform method

Mashallah Matinfar, Saber Rakhshan Bahar, Maryam Ghasemi

147.  Application of the FRF curvature energy damage detection method to plate like structures

Degalhal Mallikarjuna Reddy, Seetharaman Swarnamani

155.  Understanding of voltage sag mitigation using PWM switched autotransformer through MATLAB Simulation

Thangellamudi Devaraju, Akula Muni sankar, Vyza.C.Veera Reddy, Mallapu Vijaya Kumar

Volume 8  Number 1, February 2012  page 1-80

003.  Permanence and extinction for a nonautonomous SVIR epidemic model with distributed time delay

Guruprasad Samanta

019.  A New Regularization Method Based on the Magnitude Response Function of Chebyshev Filter for Inverse Problems

Liquan Mei, Weigeng Cui

027.  Two Optimal Treatments of HIV Infection Model

Khalid Hattaf, Noura Yousfi

036.  Modelling & Simulation of an ANFIS controller for an AC drive

Ashok Kusagur, S. F. Kodad, B V. Sanker Ram

050.  Simulation of Fuzzy PID Control of Heave Compensation System for Deep-ocean Mining

Hao Zheng, Shaojun Liu, Qiong Hu

058.  Approximate analytical solutions for the time-dependent Emden-Fowler-type equations by Variational Homotopy Perturbation Method

Mashallah Matinfar, Maryam Mahdavi

066.  Global dynamics and bifurcation of a tri-trophic food chain model

Tapan Kumar Kar, Abhijit Ghorai, Ashim Batabyal

Volume 7  Number 4, November 2011  page 241-320

243.   Socio-economic status and HIV/AIDS dynamics: a modeling approach

S. Mushayabasa, C. P. Bhunu, E. J. Schwartz, G. Magombedze, J. M. Tchuenche

258.   Implement absolute orientation instruments for odometry system integrated with Gyroscope by using IKF

Surachai Panich

270.   Evaluation of the operation efficiency on low-carbon urbanization in world natural and cultural heritage area: a case study of Leshan city

Jing Yang, Liming Yao, Jiuping Xu

283.   Three solutions for a quasilinear Neumann boundary value problem

S. Heidarkhani, G. Afrouzi

290.   Structural damage detection using a hybrid particle swarm algorithm

S. Sandesh, Shankar Krishnapillai

299.   A case study of inpatient loyalty in West China Hospital

Yanding Guo, Sheng Zhong

307.   Width optimization of Gaussian function by genetic algorithm in RBF networks

A. Golbabai, A. Safdari-Vaighani

312.   Minimizing Lennard-Jones potential using a real coded Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization

Kusum Deep, V. K Katiyar, Shashi

Volume 7  Number 3, August 2011  page 161-240

163.   Is the world doing enough for the poor? A case of HIV/AIDS testing and counselling

Christopher Sooka, Agnes Rwashana-Semwanga

173.   Consistent bond graph modelling of planar multibody systems

Tarun Kumar Bera, Arun Kumar Samantaray

189.   CFD modeling of the continuous chemical interaction between the multiphase flows of the pulp and paper digester using the mass transfer scheme

Bijan Pourian, Erik Dahlquist

206.   Equilibrium structure of differentially rotating and tidally distorted polytropic gaseous spheres

Sunil Kumar, Arvind Kumar Lal, Ved Pal Singh, Seema Saini

218.   The optimum order strategy from multiple suppliers with alternative quantity discounts

Jiuping. Xu, Pei Wei

230.   An HIV/AIDS model with vertical transmission and time delay

Ram Naresh, Dileep Sharma

Volume 7  Number 2, May 2011  page 81-160

083.  Stability analysis of the transmission dynamics of tuberculosis models

Samuel Bowong, Jean Jules Tewa, Jean Claude Kamgang

101.  A fuzzy multi-objective optimization model for energy structure and its application to the energy structure adjustment --- in World Natural and Cultural Heritage Area

Yue Deng Jiuping Xu

113.  Effect of increased severity in patient specific stenosis of common carotid artery using CFD—a case study

S. M. Abdul Khader, B. Satish Shenoy, Raghuvir Pai, S. Ganesh Kamath, Nabeel Md Sharif, V. R. K. Rao

123.  Overpotentials analysis in solid acid fuel cell using CsH2PO4 as anhydrous membrane

Soraya Hosseini, Abu Bakar Mohamadb, Mohamad Rasool Malakbalaa1, Reza Zol

133.  New Jacobi elliptic function solutions for the double Sine-Gordon equation

Baojian Hong

139.  Optimizing reliability modeling of MEMS devices based on their applications

Rohit Pathakl , Satyadhar Joshi

155.  Virtual test technology study of automatic weapon

Jinfeng Ni, Xin Wang, Cheng Xu

Volume 7  Number 1, February 2011  page 1-80

003.  Description and analysis of Markov Chains based on recursive stochastic equations and factor distributions

Michael Menth

016.  Two new approach incorporating centroid based mutation operators for differential evolution

Musrrat Ali, Millie Pant, Atulya Nagar

029.  An effective simulated annealing refined replica exchange Markov chain Monte Carlo Algorithm for the infectious disease model of H1N1 influenza pandemic

Jiapu Zhang

040.  Non polynomial spline solutions for special linear tenth-order boundary value problems

J. Rashidinia, R. Jalilian, K. Farajeyan

052.  Fibonacci tan-sec method for construction solitary wave solution to differential-difference equations

Xinghua Fan, Shouxiang Yang, Dan Zhao, Guoliang Cai

058.  A bioeconomic assessment of the Bangladesh shrimp fishery

T. K. Kar, Kunal Chakraborty

070.  Periodic solution in a delayed predator prey model with Holling type III functional response and harvesting term

Xiao Zhang, Rui Xu, Qintao Gan

Volume 6  Number 4, November 2010  page 241-320

243.   Novel approach to modelling of turbulent flows

O. RabieiMotlagh, H. FazaeliMoghimi

257.   A new production function with technological innovation factor and its application to the analysis of energy-saving effect in LSD

Qian Liao, Zhibin Wu, Jiuping Xu

267.   A probabilistic model for the spread of HIV infection among injection drug Users

Changiz Eslahchi, Hamid Pezeshk, Mehdi Sadeghi, Philippe Giabbanelli, Fateme Movahedi, Vahid Dabbaghian

274.   On simulation and optimization of energy-saving textile industry system based on SD-SMOP model

Yifan Li, Jiuping Xu, Liming Yao

281.   A new Space-Vector Pulse Width Modulation Algorithm for multilevel inverters

P. Satish Kumar, J. Amarnath, S. V. L. Narasimham

291.   The econometric model with energy-saving effect of LSD and its application to industrial structure

Xiaocui Song, Zhibin Wu, Jiuping Xu

303.   Low-carbon development and planning of pig industry using system dynamic and random multi-objective optimization

Shuai Wang, Jiuping Xu, Liming Yao

310.   Steady state analysis of a wind driven single-phase SEIG using particle swarm optimization

J. Upendar, G. K. Singh, C. P. Gupta

Volume 6  Number 3, August 2010  page 161-240

163.   Is the world doing enough for the poor? A case of HIV/AIDS testing and counselling

C. P. Bhunu, S. Mushayabasa, W. Garira, E. Ngarakana-Gwasira, J. M. Tchuenche

177.   A class of differential dynamic system model for low carbon tourism and its application to LSD

Liwen Mo, Liming Yao, Jiuping Xu

189.   Comparative study of automatic generation control in traditional and deregulated power environment

Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Safia A Kazmi, Nazish Yasmeen

198.   A modelling and simulation approach of electromagnetic field in organic photovoltaic devices

M. R. Merad Boudia, A. Cheknane

205.   A Matlab/Simulink-based method for modelling and simulation of split Hopkinson bar test

Yongjian Mao, Yulong Li, Feifei Shi

214.   Mathematical modeling of pulp washing on rotary drums and their numerical solution for various adsorption isotherms

D. Kumar, V. Kumar, V. Singh

223.   On simulation and optimization of one polysilicon industry system under system dynamic

Peitian Du, Jiuping Xu, Liming Yao

231.   Global analysis of an HIV/AIDS epidemic model

Zindoga Mukandavire, Prasenjit Das, Christinah Chiyaka, Farai Nyabadza


Volume 6  Number 2, May 2010  page 81-160

083.  Development of a fast simulation model for dynamic analysis of the 1000m deep ocean mining system

Yu Dai, Shaojun Liu, Li Li, Yan Li

097.  Estimation of optimal crop plan using nature inspired metaheuristics

Millie Pant, Radha Thangaraj, Deepti Rani, Ajith Abraham, Dinesh Kumar Srivastava

100.  Modelling, simulation and optimal tuning of SSSC-based controller in a multi-machine power system

Sidhartha Panda

122.  Model development for biological treatment of toxic industrial wastewaters: an easy tool for linking pilot results and field data

Christian Drakides, Meiling Lay-Son

134.  Fuzzy logic based MRAS speed observer for control of induction motor drive

Md. Haseeb Khan, Arshia Azam, J. Amarnath

141.  Performance of tuned PID controller and a new hybrid fuzzy PD + I controller

Satish. R. Vaishnav, Zafar. J. Khan

150.  Application of the functional variable method to a class of nonlinear wave equations

A. Zerarka, S. Ouamane

Volume 6  Number 1, February 2010  page 1-80

003.  An open-source computer model for visualization of artificial abnormal multi-Lead electrocardiographic phenomena

Ali Ghaffari1, Mohammad R. Homaeinezhad1, Yashar Ahmadi, Mostafa Rahnavard1, Reza Rahmani

027.  Modeling, simulation and control of high speed nonlinear hydraulic servo system

Dechrit Maneetham , Nitin Afzulpurkar

040.  Implementation of fractal image compression employing particle swarm optimization

Y. Chakrapani1 , K. Soundararajan

047.  Four two-level PWM rectifiers controlled by Lyapunov function for stabilisation of DC sources of five-level NPCVSI

Ŕedha Chibani, ElMadjid Berkouk, Mohamed Seghir Boucherit

057.  The research on a double forecasting model of port cargo throughput

Liang Sun

063.  Enhancing agent’s learning and decision making in minority game with neural networks

Taghi Rezvan

072.  Two modified differential evolution algorithms and their applications to engineering design problems

Musrrat Ali, Millie Pant, V. P. Singh

Volume 5  Number 4, November 2009  page 241-320

243.   Effect of PV embedded generation on the radial distribution network

Satish Kumar Injeti, N. Prema Kumar

252.   A multi-objective model of the edible fungus circular producing under fuzzy environment

Yong Zhao, Jiao Wang, Linyong Zheng, Zhineng Hu

261.   Minimizing expected makespan in flowshop with on condition based maintenance constraint by integrating heuristics and simulation

E. Safari, S. J. Sadjadi, K. shahanaghi

272.   A comparative Fluid-Structure Interaction study of stenosed and normal Common Carotid Artery

S. M. Abdul Khader, B. S. Shenoy, B.Raghuvir Pai, N. S. Mahmood, G. Kamath, V. R. K Rao

278.   Hyperbolic function solutions to the (3+1)-dimensional Burgers System

Xiaofen Tang, Guoliang Cai, Lailin Wu

287.   A new FOC technique based on predictive current control for PMSM drive

F. Heydari, A. Sheikholeslami, K. G. Firouzjah, S. Lesan

295.   An fuzzy multi-objective model on paddy circular economy system

Chi Zhang, Yonglu Tang, Yong Zhao, Zhineng Hu

302.   The Particle Swarm Optimization approach applied to the Von-Kàrmàn equation

A. Zerarka, B. Nine

307.   Adapted variational iteration method and axisymmetric flow over a stretching sheet

H. Mirgolbabaei, D. D. Ganji, M. M. Etghani, A. Sobati

315.   Elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication analysis of full 360˚ journal bearing using CFD and FSI techniques

B. S .Shenoy, R. S. Pai, D. S. Rao, R. Pai

Volume 5  Number 3, August 2009  page 161-240

163.   Optimal chemoprophylaxis and treatment control strategies of a tuberculosis transmission model

F. B. Agusto

174.   A multi-objective system dynamics model on the multi-levers and multi-species production in edible fungus circular system

Dong Zhang, Linyong Zheng, Zhineng Hu, Yong Zhao

183.   Optimal conductor selection in radial distribution system using discrete Particle Swarm Optimization

S. Sivanagaraju, J. Viswanatha Rao

192.   Global stability of a predator-prey model with stage structure for the predator

Lili Wang, Rui Xu, Xiaohong Tian

203.   An optimal model of dry land multiple-cropping circular economy systems

Wei Wei, Yonghong Liu, Zhineng Hu, Yong Zhao

211.   Existence of positive solution for system of quasilinear elliptic systems on a bounded domain

Hoang Quoc Toan , Quốc-Anh Ngô

216.   The extended Jacobi Elliptic Functions expansion method and new exact solutions for the Zakharov equations

Baojian Hong, Dianchen Lu, Fushu Su

225.   Application of homotopy perturbation method to non-homogeneous parabolic partial and non linear differential equations

Hamid El Qarnia

232.   A computerized analytical model for evaluating hydrocarbon fluids as natural alternative refrigerants

Mohamed M. El-Awad

Volume 5  Number 2, May 2009  page 81-160

083.  Marine reserves and its consequences as a fisheries management tool

T. K. Kar, Kunal Chakraborty

096.  Optimal conductor selection in radial distribution system using discrete particle swarm optimization

S. Sivanagaraju, J. Viswanatha Rao

105.  An optimal model for the multi-lever and multi-species production in edible fungus circular system

Jiao Wang, Zhineng Hu, Linyong Zheng

113.  Embedded output feedback controllers for piezoelectric actuated structures

L. R. Karl Marx, M. Umapathy, D. Ezhilarasi

120.  Analyzing the effects of implementation of Total Productive Maintenanc (TPM) in the manufacturing companies: a system dynamics approach

Kamran Shahanaghi, Seyed Ahmad Yazdian

130.  Investigation of vertical dynamic behaviour and modelling of a typical indian rail road vehicle throughbondgraph

Vivek Kumar, Vikas  Rastogi

139.  A maple procedures for criticality of graphs

M. Matinfar, S. Mirzamani

144.  System dynamic simulation of three crops per year in paddy field  

Jing Cui, Gang Huang, Yonglu Tang

151.  Universal spectrum for DNA base C+G frequency distribution in human chromosomes 1 to 24

A. M. Selvam

Volume 5  Number 1, February 2009  page 1-80

003.  Petrinet based validation of novel location management techniques for mobile agents

Rama Sushil, Rama Bhargava, Kumkum Garg

022.  Kinematics and dynamics analysis of micro-robot for surgical applications

Khaled Tawfik, Atef A. Ata, Wael A. Al-Tabey

030.  To study the parametric effects on the performance of brown stock washer in paper industry using MATLAB

Deepak Kumar, Vivek Kumar, V. P. Singh

038.  Soliton solution of the Kadomtse-Petviashvili equation by homotopy perturbation method

H. Mirgolbabaei, D. D. Ganji, H. Taherian

043.  The impact of different radio propagation models for Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANET) in urban area environment

Ibrahim Khider, Furong Wang, WeiHua Yin, Sacko

053.  Algorithms for positive solutions of a nonlinear elliptic equations

G. A. Afrouzi, S. Mahdavi, Z. Naghizadeh

057.  Exponential semiparametric regression models under random censorship

Junqiang Yang

063.  Numerical analysis on the effect of varying number of diffuser vanes on impeller - diffuser flow interaction in a centrifugal fan 

K. Vasudeva Karanth, N. Yagnesh Sharma

072.  The Homotopy perturbation method for solving higher dimensional initial boundary value problems of variable coefficients

M. Matinfar, M. Saeidy


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