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Authors Guide





Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original works which have not appeared, nor are under consideration in other journals. The journal welcomes articles on Modelling and Simulation. See Home for specific areas of interest.


Manuscript preparation

For guidelines on manuscript preparation, please refer to the WJMS Template (LaTeX Format, recommended) or WJMS Template (Word Format). In any case, all pictures in the article should be saved as  jpg format at the same time, i.e. *.jpg.


Contribution enquiries and submitting

The paper(s) should be submitted to Author also can contact area editors regarding authorís research area by email directly.

Please click The Author Guide to download the submitting guide.



Copyright Transfer Form

Upon acceptance of an article, the author(s) will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the Publisher. The manuscript will not be published until the Copyright Transfer Form is received. The form is available at Copyright Transfer Form.



Page charge and author's issue

There is no page charge fee, no reviewing fee. Authors are encouraged to submit their full papers. E-copies of the author's issue will be sent to authors (free). If author would like to have extra printed hard copies of the authors issue or paper offprint, he/she can order from publisher with special offer ( £22 for one issue, etc ). The invoice will be provided by World Academic Press, WAU, England, UK. An author issues order form will be supplied by the publisher for ordering author's issues.


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