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Online Journal  --  Volume 2 Number 4, November 2006    Contents





ISSN: 1746-7233

Vol.2 (2006) No.4







England, UK






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World Journal of

Modelling and Simulation

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213. Factor analysis for well-off construction based on GMDH

Fang Chen, Jiuping Xu


222. Multiplicity results for the Dirichlet boundary value problem involving the p-Laplacian in N-dimensional case

G. A. Afrouzi, S. Heidarkhani


227. Discrete population models for county population forecasting

Tingting Zhang, Jiuping Xu


236. The Nehari manifold for superlinear equation with Dirichlet boundary condition

G. A. Afrouzi, S. Mahdavi, Z. Naghizadeh


241. Extension multi-objective programming and its application

Guoliang Cai, Yuxiu Li


247. Optimality Conditions with quasidifferential for nonsmooth semidefinite programming

Wenhui Zhao, Yan Gao


255. Realization of a virtual experiment system of gun

Yi Hang, Xiaofeng Wang, Guolai Yang, Yunsheng Chen


261. The research on the model of all-around compensation system of academic teachers

Chunyan Zhou, Yongxiang Sheng


270. The improved Coale fertility index model and its applications

Yannan Xu


274. Conceptual model on urbanization and sustainable development of agriculture — A case study of Chengdu city

Taibi Jiang, Gang Huang, Yun-liang Peng, Wen Zhu

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