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Online Journal  --  Volume 2 Number 3, August 2006    Contents






ISSN: 1746-7233

Vol.2 (2006) No.3







England, UK












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Modelling and Simulation

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143. Global behavior of a SEIR model in epidemiology with nonlinear incidence rates

Jing Li, Jun Yu

150. Modelling and simulation of a system dynamics model for county cycle economy

Li Li, Jiuping Xu

160. A class of fuzzy random programming and its application to parallel machine scheduling

Yang Wang, Jiuping Xu

167. A population based heuristic algorithm for optimal relay operating times

Kusum Deep, Dinesh Birlar, R. P. Maheshwari, H. O. Gupta, Manoj Thakur

177. A method based on independent component analysis for audio classification

Xin He, Xianzhong Zhou, Jianyu Wang, Yingchun Shi

182. Nonlinear dynamics model and application in automobile logistics

Qiu Wu, Guanxin Yao

186. Mesh-less model proposed for the simulation of running processes of cars

Miao Lu, Guoxin Xue

190. 3D FE model reconstruction and numerical simulation of airflow for the upper airway

Yingxi Liu, Chi Yu, Xiuzhen Sun, Jizhe Wang

196. Three-dimensional finite element analysis of two kinds of extracoronal attachments in a new design to restore maxillary edentulous jaw

Peng Chen, Shujuan Yu, Bing Liu, Delin Lei, Tianqiu Mao, Zhen Guo

201. Investigation on the vibration characteristics of a sandwich beam with smart composites MRF

Baixiang Hu, Dongbing Wang, Pinqi Xia, Qiyin Shi

207. An equivalent inductance value for a time varying inductor

Abu-Elhaija Wejdan


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