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Online Journal  --  Volume 2 Number 2, May 2006    Contents






ISSN: 1746-7233

Vol.2 (2006) No.2







England, UK









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73.   A class of dynamic new-product diffusion model with time-delay and its application to the diffusion of color TV in China

Zhigao Liao, Ying Liu, Min Wu

89.   Building and simulation-analysis of environmental and economic computable (EEC) models for middle-long term forecasting

Hongqiang Jiang, Jinnan Wang, Dong Cao

99.   A genetic algorithm approach on a logistics distribution system with uncertain demand and
product return

Gengui Zhou, Zhenyu Cao, Fangzhong Qi, Jian Cao

109. A class of bifuzzy model and its application to single-period inventory problem

Yonggang Liu, Jiuping Xu

119. The ELECTRE method based on interval numbers and its application to the selection of leather
manufacture alternatives

Yuan Zhang, Jiuping Xu 

129. Study on mathematical model of the shoulder shaper

Zhijun Chu, Yijie Zhou, Heping Cai

134. Comparative study of 12 thread shapes of dental implant designs: a three-dimensional finite
element analysis

Liang Kong, Baolin Liu, Dehua Li, Yingliang Song, Aijun Zhang,

Faning Dang, Xinqiang Qin, Jin Yang

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