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Online Journal  --  Volume 2 Number 1, February 2006    Contents







ISSN: 1746-7233

Vol.2 (2006) No.1







England, UK









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 3.   The integration of valued outranking relations in ELECTRE methods for ranking problem

Junhua Gong, Jiuping Xu

15.   Stability criteria of stochastic partial differential equations with variable delays

Kai Liu, Tomas Caraballo

28.   An immune-based clustering algorithm for large data sets with categorical values

Zhendong Pan, Jiafu Tang, Lifeng Mu

36.   Fundamental analysis of stock price by artificial neural networks model based on rough set theory

Wei Wu, Jiuping Xu

45.   A model and its application for uncertainly group decision making

Jianzhong Chen, Ying Liu 

55.   Fluctuating consumption behavior under uncertainty

Hongchang Mei, Tian Wang

63.   Studies on management model for wheat production based on key agronomic factors

Gang Huang, Yonglu Tang

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