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Online Journal  --  Volume 1 Number 2, November 2005    Contents





ISSN: 1746-7233

Vol.1 (2005) No.2






England, UK









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Modelling and Simulation

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65.    An investment model for energy resource system

Ying Fu, Lixin Tian, Mei Sun

67.    Nonstandard optimal control by utilizing genetic algorithms

Jianmin He, Xiaoping Hu, Hongsheng Lue

75.    Fuzzy adaptive control method with biological character

Yimin Li, Shousong Hu

81.    Fuzzy adaptive H *control for a class of uncertain nonlinear time-delay systems

Zhenbin Du, Shousong Hu

91.    Simulation research on air-burst dispersion of some multiple launch rocket system

Xuefeng Zhang, Cungui Yu, Dawei Ma

 99.    Particle-rigid body dynamics model for terminal-sensitive submunition

Rui Guo, Rong-zhong Liu, Zheng-jun Shi

105.  Video scenes clustering based on representative shots

Jun Ye, Jian-liang Li, C. M. Mak


111.  Finite element analysis of the instep fatigue trauma in the high-heeled gait

Yao-dong Gu, Jian-she Li

 117.  Three-dimensional finite element analysis on the effects of partial anodontia and its restoration to the stress distribution in temporomandibular joint

Fei Li, Min Zhang, Zhong-yi Wang, Hui-ming He

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