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Online Journal  --  Volume 1 Number 1, August 2005    Contents






ISSN: 1746-7233

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England, UK








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 3.   A class of random fuzzy programming model and its application to vehicle routing problem

Yanan He, Prof. Jiuping Xu

12.  A game of energy allocation played by a central government and two local governments

Zhanwen Ding, Prof. Lixin Tian, Prof. Honglin Yang

19.  Model study on loss assessment of invasion species

Ping Zhu, Xuqing Tang, Prof. Hai-Gen Xu

27.  T-s fuzzy fault-tolerant control via Riccati equation

Prof. Yimin Li, Prof. Shousong Hu

35.  Study on the optimization framework based on animal vision model

Hong Ma, Xiaolei Li, Prof. Chengjin Zhang

42.  Smooth fitting of B-spline curve with constrained length

Yingzhong Shi

48.  The numerical analysis on the model of human body-springboard system

Prof. Yong Jiang, Prof. H. Bao, Youdao Shen


56.  Audio classification by hybrid support vector machine/hidden Markov model

Dr. Xin He, Prof. Xianzhong Zhou


60.  Influence of teeth contact alternation to tmj stress distribution -- three-dimensional finite element study

Dr. Yuan Zhang, Prof. Meiqing Wang, Prof. Wei Ling

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