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 ISSN: 1746-7233

Vol.4 (2008) No.3







England, UK







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Modelling and Simulation

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 163. Optimal trajectory planning and obstacle avoidance for flexible manipulators using generalized pattern search

Atef Ata, Thi Myo

 172. Modelling and simulation on shut-in wellbore and programming realization of natural gas well

Jinxi Yang, Jiuping Xu

 182. Design of digital differentiators and integrators of order 1/2

B. T. Krishna, K. V. V. S. Reddy

 188. A method for calculating pipe deformation in gas wells

Kefan Chen, Jiuping Xu

 196. Trajectory planning of 2 DOF planar space robot without attitude controller

Rajkumar Jain, Pushparaj Mani Pathak

 205. A numerical implementation of the variational iteration method for the Lienard equation

M. Matinfar, H. Hosseinzadeh, M. Ghanbari

 211. Rapid control prototyping development of vehicle semi-active control scheme

XiaoMin Dong, Miao Yu, Changrong Liao, Weimin Chen

 219. Modeling and simulation of a compliant wall combustion device

Kiran O.V., Don Daniel

 230. A new condition based maintenance model with random improvements on the system after maintenance actions: Optimizing by monte carlo simulation

Kamran Shahanaghi, Hamid Babaei, Arash Bakhsha, Nasser S. Fard

 237. AThe minimax admissible characteristic in gauss-markov mddel

Wenliang Huang, Yan Gao





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