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ISSN: 1746-7233

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England, UK












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World Journal of

Modelling and Simulation

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 163. A numerical method to obtain positive solution for classes of competitive systems

G. A. Afrouzi, Z. Naghizadeh, S. Mahdavi

 170. Modeling and simulation of SD-FMOP for circular economy planning

Xiaofei Li, Jiuping Xu

 180. Robust sliding mode speed controller for hybrid SVPWM based direct torque control of induction motor

T. Brahmananda Reddy, D. Subbarayudu, J. Amarnath

 189. Identification of heat exchange coefficient of the arctic snow and numerical simulation

   Di Chen, Enmin Feng, Zhijun Li, Peng Lu

 196. Topsis-AHP simulation model and its application to supply chain management

Min Wu

 202. Optimal quarantine and isolation strategies in epidemics control

Xiefei Yan, Yun Zou, Jianliang Li

 212. Some new solutions for the nonlinear dispersive-dissipative equation with a modified F-expansion method

Guoliang Cai, Fengyun Zhang, Yan Wang

 220. On the minimax inequality for a special class of functionals

G. A. Afrouzi, S. Heidarkhani, S. H. Rasouli

 225. Mode analysis of automatic placement machine

Yongshan Xiao, Shaojun Liu, Fumin Song

 230. Influence and analysis of escape posture for different launch tube spiral angles

Young Fung, Zhigang Li, Shoupeng Xu

  235. Comparison study on the 3D reconstruction of mandible according to Virtual Chinese Human slice data and CT data

Ming Chen, Longxin Ni, Yu Zhang, Yuan Zhang





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